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Ryan Inzana's debut book, Johnny Jihad, has been picked by Booklist, one of the premier and most influential professional book review publications, to be on its top ten list of best Graphic Novels of 2003, calling it "alarmingly convincing."
A hard and dark work of fiction based on a cross of chilling realities from Johhny Walker Lindh to the Columbine killings, Johnny Jihad, drawn in a heavy dark woodcut style tells the tale of a teenager grown in a dysfunctional family who finds meaning to his life when meeting a Muslim and espousing the religion. He is then recruited into a terrorist training camp here in the US (a couple of which actually existed in the nineties) and after a while, sent on a mission to off an enemy cleric. Going from playing with bomb making to actually killing someone shakes him in his beliefs but by then it's too late, the CIA is onto him and makes him work for them in Afghanistan in exchange for dropping charges. Matters go from bad to worse as 9/11 approaches.
Reaction to this book has been at extremes, leaving no one cold. People either hate it or love it. Newsweek International said it "brings to life the empty promise of salvation through violence." Publishers Weekly called it "Starkly engaging and powerful. A bold fictional investigation into the roots of political fanaticism." And the New York Press said "Inzana draws no moral; or rather, he leaves it to us."
Ryan Inzana has been a contributor to WW3 magazine. This is his first graphic novel. "For him to be placed along such works as Blankets, Palomar, Quimby the Mouse and Persepolis, is a major feat for a first time author," NBM publisher Terry Nantier pointed out. "We are very proud of the new talent we have been adding to our team, after Patrick Atangan of the Yellow Jar and others like Mark Murphy (House of Java) and Richard Moore (Boneyard), we have a few more stunning surprises to reveal over the next year!"
Inzana is already at work on his next multi-volume project, somewhat more autobiographical of his experience living in a ghetto in "God less America."

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