Rick Geary’s Treasury of XXth Century Murder:

A pastor and a member of his choir are found dead in a park in New Brunswick, NJ.
Turns out they were having an affair.
A scandal immediately explodes. Headlines swirl around the nation. New Brunswick is run over by the press and curious throngs.

A perfect recipe for a deliciously naughty true crime story a la Rick Geary. He regales us with all the intrigue. They were found neatly lying together. Suicide? Their love letters were strewn about them, her neck had been savagely cut. Jealousy? And if jealousy, was it the Reverend’s wife or possibly other members of the choir?

Theories abound. The case opens and closes repeatedly as frustrated politicians and prosecutors try to resolve it. But, as for many of Geary’s impishly fun stories in this series, no satisfying final answer is ever found. He, of course, tells us of all these meanderings, all the theories… and lets us decide.

Geary’s previous volume focused on Sacco & Vanzetti, the 20th century’s most famous questionable court case. It is up for an Eisner Award at the San Diego Comicon where this new book will be premiered, and has received these accolades among many others:
• "Top ten of 2011" -Onion's AV Club
• "His art, as always, is ceaselessly expressive and charming, but let's also give credit to this modern American master as one whose complete craft is at its peak."
-Miami Herald
• "The quiet effectiveness of Geary's consciously old-fashioned drawing style is reinforced by his thorough recreation of period details."
• "One of The 13 Can’t Miss Graphic Novels of 2011.
Chalk one more up for the history books and another great contribution to the country’s wealth of graphic lit." -Kirkus Reviews

Geary lives in New Mexico and is available for interviews.
Book details: 6” x 9”, 80 pages, black-and-white clothbound, price $15.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-628-0, pub. date: August ‘12.
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