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Thierry Robin & Lewis Trondheim

In this second silent adventure, Li’l Santa encounters the many critters of the night who take camp, much to his discomfort, right next to his abode. But it turns out the worst monster is an enormous devouring logging machine eating up his forest of Christmas trees around him! Turns out the night critters come quite in handy to fight the fearsome invader...
"Grade: A. Delightful doesn't even begin to describe this second outing."
-Comics Buyers Guide
"Sight gags and environmental sensitivity abound in this not-so-scary picture story suitable for all ages."
-Brian McTavish/The Kansas City Star
"*** out of four. Tour-de-force of pantomine cartooning, and would make a great gift for a comics fan for either holiday."
-Jeff Kapalka, Syracuse Post-Standard
"A story you'll probably return to again and again, especially if you're a child, have a child in your life, or are a child at heart." -Barb Lien-Cooper, Sequential Tart
"Thoroughly enjoyable holiday adventure."
-Carlos Orellana, Booklist
81/2 x11, 48pp., full color hardcover: $14.95, SALE $3
ISBN 1-56163-361-5
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Thierry Robin & Lewis Trondheim

You have no idea what Santa must go through, all the way up there at the North Pole, until you read this suspenseful, fully silent graphic novel! Besides the huge yearly job that faces him, the North Pole is no friendly place! Santa must use all his best cunning to make all the world’s kids happy. A light, delightfully original album for Christmas that will amuse all ages.
"It's a fun, all-ages story. The clear storytelling, bright colors, exciting situations, and imaginative humor make this a great gift for any preschooler on a holiday buying list."
- Comics Buyers Guide-Retailer panel
"Plotted and drawn with abundant enthusiasm, Li'l Santa talks in the universal and timeless language of innocent childhood humor." - Oliver Chin, Comic Buyers Guide
"It's a perfect book for seasonal 'reading' to the little ones." -Andrew Smith, Memphis Commercial Appeal
"Grade: 9/10. This book truly is a present to the comic book readership." -Sequential Tart
81/2x11, 48pp., full color hardcover: $14.95
ISBN 1-56163-335-6
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