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A 2017 SUMMER SELECTION "One of the most fun books I've ever read."
-Veronica Fish in VULTURE

In the PASTE 10 Essential Euro Comics That Should Belong in Every Collection

"The humor can be biting and sly. And precisely because it is so light and warmhearted, the moments of melancholy and actual profundity reach into your chest, pull out your heart and keep it hostage."
-The New York Times Book Review

"Dungeon comics -- that's a big inspiration for me and the crew who write on the show.
Dungeon's a great comic, and I look to it for the sort of casual conversation they
have with the big fantasy world that they all live in."
-Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward in an interview on USA Today’s Pop Candy

"A sprawling satirical fantasy about anthropomorphic warriors in a magical, ludicrous kingdom.
It's a darkly whimsical epic that’s a mash-up of D&D, Cerebus, Groo and any number of
works by headliners Trondheim and Joann Sfar."
-Heidi McDonald, The Beat

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Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar, Obion, Kerascoet, Alfred, Mazan

The great saga detailing the end of Dungeon has come to a close. All four books are featured here in one specially priced set. The planet Terra Amata, on which Dungeon resides, has stopped turning. On one side, total darkness and absolute coldness; on the other, a searing desert and eternal day. The survivors live on a thin slice of earth where day and night meet. A territory known as Twilight. Welcome to the third facet of the Dungeon world and its dark downfall. Marvin is blind but still dangerous and Herbert the Duck has become the darkest of Lords.
6.5 x 9, 384 pp, full color paperback set, $49.99 ISBN: 9781681120607

DUNGEON Monstres  vol. 6  
DUNGEON Monstres, vol. 6
The Great Animator
Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar, Stanislas, Nicolas Keramidas
In an automaton themed volume, ‘The Great Animator’ pits the predecessor to the Vaucanson great castle and realm against a huge army of ruthless invaders. The great castle’s army of battle automatons evens the fight but at great cost. In the second story, ‘The Inventor’s Grimoire’, the Vaucanson grimoire with the secrets of building automatons has disappeared! If it fell in the wrong hands, much harm could come of it. And indeed, it turns out the greedy Lord Delacour has snatched it with the intention of auctioning it off to the highest bidder!
6 ½ x 9, 96pp., full color trade pb., $15.99, NOW $2.99
ISBN 9781561639984

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DUNGEON Monstres vol.5  
DUNGEON Monstres, vol.5
My Son the Killer
Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, Blutch, Frederic Bezian
In the title story, we meet Marvin the Dragon still a pup with his Mom but make no mistake, both are formidable. Their ferocity catches the eye of the Keeper who is still making his way up the ladder in Antipolis and has many dangerous enemies. He makes them his bodyguards. Soon enough, crafty little Marvin manages to witness a sinister plot and tries to save the Keeper and the city’s leaders from annihilation.
In “Soldiers of Honor,” Gork and Krag are brothers and soldiers of hell. They keep a secret door in the Dungeon. The door being little used, they get bored, until an old blind man forces Krag, alone on duty that day, to call reinforcements to prevent him from entering. Because he has not fulfilled his mission, Krag is sentenced to be killed by his own brother in the middle of the desert!
"Filled with shadowy artwork that enhances the ominous stories. A great addition! Sarcastic, funny, and sometimes brilliantly appalling, these books will appeal to fans of fantasy without happy endings, and without any continuity needed for understanding the story." -Library Journal
6 ½ x 9, 96 pp., trade pb., $14.99, NOW $2.99
ISBN 9781561639373

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DUNGEON: Zenith, Vol.1
Duck Heart
Lewis TRONDHEIM with Joann SFAR

Welcome to Dungeon, the looniest world of horror and heroic fantasy you’ll ever be transported into! This series, a best-seller in many countries, starts with the apogee of Dungeon, a mighty castle filled with monsters, trolls and goblins kept by a wily bird, the Dungeon Keeper, and the object of desire of many an uncouth and disgusting form of life (and afterlife) and Herbert the Timorous Duck is assigned to defend it! Thank goodness, the Dungeon Keeper has assigned Marvin the Dragon, a blood-thirsty, uh, vegetarian, warrior, to his side. Collects issues 1-4 of the comic book in color.
"The must-read comic book of the year." -Sequential Tart
"Dungeon is the rarest of comic book fantasy adventures: it really will appeal to just about anyone. Dungeon is fantastic from beginning to end. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it." -IComics.com, Greg McElhatton
"A fun story. Fans of Bone will probably enjoy this title, as they are very similar stories in spirit." -Still on the shelf.com
"Grade: A-. Damned funny. Takes the piss out of the fantasy genre like nothing I've seen in recent memory. Brilliantly illustrated and colored, this is a wonderful piece of work. "
-Marc Mason, Moviepoopshoot.com
"Deft parody displays wit and cleverness. The jokes and ideas build upon each other at a furious rate, creating a feel of deadpan sophistication rarely seen in this genre."
-Christopher Mautner, Harrisburg Patriot News
"Inventive. The artwork is beautiful." -Publishers Weekly
"Cheerfully subversive. Like the first Harry Potter novel, Duck Heart can be read and enjoyed as a self-contained tale, even if you're aware that it's the first part of a series." -Graphic Novel Review.com
"Grade: 9. Well-written and intensely clever, this farce pokes fun at all the cliches. It also mocks the contrivances of situations from games like Dungeons & Dragons."
-Sequential Tart
"A rousing story for young and old readers both." -Graphic Novel Review
"Manages to work both as parody and as straight genre fiction, laughs alternating with thrills and even moments of genuine drama and poignancy." -The Comics Journal
"Serves as both a hilarious sword-and-sorcery parody and a creative and fascinating piece of world-building." -Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
65/8x9, 96pp., full color trade pb., $14.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-401-9
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DUNGEON: Zenith, Vol.2
The Barbarian Princess

The next two stories in this tongue-in-cheek Fantasy/Horror series. In the first, Herbert’s fictitious Princess in distress to lure more hapless warriors to the Dungeon turns out to be all too real and quite a handful! In the second, the Dungeon’s Dragon, centerpiece of its defense, is dead, long live the... wait, where will they find the replacement?
"Innumerable laughs. Deserves a place on the shelf of any lover of sword-and-sorcery or parody or both." -Asimov's
"It's one of the best comedy / adventure comics in print, filled with amusing characters, great visual imagination and involving stories. You should let it take you away on the back of a hipplodontus." -Time.comix
"Trondheim is a master a presenting a rich, detailed world, while maintaining a light atmosphere. The book has an overall epic feel, yet grounds itself with a very personable feel when necessary. The coloring is vibrant and lush, and complements the grandiose backgrounds. A truly unique enjoyable book." -Buzzscope.com
"Recommended for teen and adult fantasy fans."
-Steve Raiteri, Library Journal
65/8x9, 96pp. full color trade pb., $14.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-421-7


DUNGEON: Zenith, Vol.3
“Back In Style”

Taking a pause from the Monstres sub-series, the main Zenith mini series is back! This time with the art of Boulet but still written by the Sfar/Trondheim duo. Two stories continue the heyday of Dungeon, in the first, Isis is to be married to the Keeper but she wants Herbert! Besides, the whole affair promises to ruin the Dungeon completely. In the second, besides the continued Keeper financial mishaps, Herbert wishes to make his comeback to his hometown where his name is mud. He disguises himself with a potion that makes him ‘the mask of death’. Only one problem: if he laughs, he becomes himself again!
“This is an outstanding Dungeons and Dragons parody that serves as a stand-alone story. Readers will be entertained, even those unaccustomed to comic fantasy fiction. These anthropomorphic characters are well drawn, and the snappy dialogue is craftily paired with Boulet’s stunning imagery.“
-School Library Journal
“It’s hard to say if Sfar and Trondheim’s long running Dungeon epic is a dead-on parody of sword-and-sorcery cliches or if it’s just a first-rate fantasy series that happens to star anthropomorphic animals and involves lots of comedy. Boulet handles the action set pieces and slapstick farce with equal aplomb, and Trondheim and Sfar shake up the tone of the story every few pages: there’s romance next to brutal violence, and tender whimsy punctuated by cruelly bleak humor.” -Publishers Weekly
“Hysterically funny. Endlessly inventive” -The Comic Book Bin
“Ah, Dungeon, what pleasures you bring me. Boulet is comfortably upholding the artistic standards of previous forays into Dungeon. Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim … man, these two guys can seemingly do no wrong. They’re leading lights in France’s comics scene, and it’s obvious why. Dungeon: Zenith vol. 3: Back in Style is witty, fun and adventurous. Readers of fantasy, of humor, of unapologetically fun comics are going to love it.” -Newsarama
“The Sfar/Trondheim duo did not disappoint in this latest volume, taking crazy story risks and throwing in plot twists and character reversals at the drop of a hat. DUNGEON remains my favorite genre-related series of all time.”
-High-low comics blog
“Sfar & Trondheim get a huge chuckle out of subverting the genre and paying tribute to it- sometimes in the same panel. This new installment fully lives up to the praise Dungeon has garnered from sources as various as Asimov’s SF magazine and The New York Times Book Review.”
-Jeff Vandermeer, Realms of Fantasy Magazine
61/2 x 9, 96pp, full color trade pb., $14.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-550-4


A Dungeon Too Many
Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, Manu Larcenet

The Parade branch of this great saga happens between the 1st and 2nd volumes of Zenith and presents light humorous stories of the adventures of Marvin the vegetarian dragon and Herbert the Timorous. In this volume, the ultimate horror: Dungeon has competition! Right in front of their noses, another dungeon has sprung up and is attracting away the adventurers Dungeon makes a lucrative business of luring then plundering and massacring. Unacceptable! Marvin and Herbert are on the case
"A merry adventure spoof, its small panels deep with color and dense with activity, with a full measure of slapstick, gore and jumping wordplay" -Kirkus Reviews.
"a humorous aside . . . lighter and less dense than most of [Trondheim and Sfar’s] inside looks at the workings of a fantasy dungeon full of hero-killing monsters. At the same time, Manu Larcenet's art is as colorfully ultra-busy as ever.” -The Onion
"Sfar, Trondheim, and Larcenet together is sort of the American comics equivalent of putting Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and John Cassaday together on a graphic novel. They're just that good. Recommended."
"Revolution, wishes, sages, and gross incompetence are all mixed together to form one farcical meatloaf." -Sfrevu.com
"You will warm to this book's puckish charm." -Entertainment Weekly
"Action and characterization keep the Dungeon series entertaining. Plundering has never been so much fun!" -Booklist
6x9, 64pp., full color trade pb, $9.95, ISBN 1-56163-495-6
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Day of the Toads
Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, Manu Larcenet

The next volume in this branch of humorous stories happening between the 1st and 2nd volume of Zenith presents two stories. In the first, the Dungeon is attacked by a swarm of flying venomous toads so large it almost succumbs as the perpetrators look to get free rein inside! In the second, Herbert is sent on a mission to… clear out the septic tank. It hadn’t been done for 40 years. Turns out the crap has accumulated so massively a whole beautiful ecology has been formed deep in the basement! Should they destroy this flowery dung heap?
"Another winning Dungeon volume in which absurd plotlines frequently go off on tangents. The sewers afford Trondheim perfect opportunities for alien-landscape creation."
6x9, 64pp., full color trade pb., $9.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-507-8
Sold out


DUNGEON: The Early Years, vol.1
The Night Shirt
Christophe BLAIN • Joann SFAR • Lewis TRONDHEIM

We start on another tangent of the vast world of Dungeon, one that relates the origins of it. In this first story of the Early Years, you will see the Keeper barely an adult and leaving his family to go find fortune in a time of chaos and darkness... Blain illustrates on a story by Trondheim and Sfar.
Fun, adventure, suspense and... wry satire. The first volume has already sold out of its first printing!
"Thrilling action and gentle whimsy nestle comfortably together in this swashbuckling fantasy starring anthropomorphic animals. Somehow, the parody actually reinforces the adventure." -Publishers Weekly
61/2 x 9, 96pp. full color trade pb., $14.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-439-2
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DUNGEON The Early Years
Vol.2: Innocence Lost
Christophe BLAIN • Joann SFAR • Lewis TRONDHEIM

Hyacinthe, Dungeon Keeper to be, continues to render justice in a cloak nightly as The Night Shirt and stumbles upon the one he pines for, Alexandra, an assassin, about to be raped! After his valiant and heroic rescue, his wettest dreams come true… with dire consequences. In the second story which happens quite a few years later, he’s married and a poor husband, worse even, a poor lover, until Alexandra plots to gain him back. Cloak and dagger with romantic bravura! And you thought he didn’t have it in him. Art by Eisner nominated Blain (Gus) and story by legendary Trondheim and Eisner nominated Sfar (Rabbi’s Cat).
"Dungeon has elements of parody, but its creators’ obvious love for the adventure-fantasy genres keep the characters real and the circumstances compelling." -Newsarama
"The Early Years," with some amazing phantasmagorical scenes wedded to complex moral situations, manages to entertain and provide yet another thought-provoking installment in what may well be the best epic fantasy series of all time." -Amazon Daily/ Omnivoracious
"A perversely enjoyable read, highly recommended for anyone with an open mind and a desire to open it further." -Comics Waiting Room
6 1/2x 9, 96pp., full color trade pb.: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-564-1
Sold out


DUNGEON: Twilight, Vol. 1
Dragon Cemetery

The planet Terra Amata, on which Dungeon resides, has stopped turning. On one side, total darkness and absolute coldness; on the other, a searing desert and eternal day. The survivors live on a thin slice of earth where day and night meet. A territory known as TWILIGHT.
Welcome to the third facet of the Dungeon world, its dark downfall. Marvin, now old and blind, sensing his end, goes on a long trek to the legendary cemetery of dragons.
"Dungeon parodies heroic fantasy in hilarious fashion while also offering exciting battle scenes, deep and interesting characters and a complex plot. If you like fantasy, humor, or intrigue, this series is for you. One scene in particular will make your jaw drop in appreciation of amazing imagination at play here." -Realms of Fantasy
"A rollicking adventure, an anthropomorphic fantasy crammed with monsters, magic, swordplay, extravagant derring-do, exuberant violence, extraordinary occurrences and remarkable happenstance. It's part road comedy and part three-way buddy romp featuring a dragon, a rabbit and a bat. When compared directly to Aragones' own barbarian comic Groo, these funnies are woollier, bloodier, riskier, less morally or thematically constrained." -The Comics Journal
"Astonishing piece of entertainment, full of wonderful characters, wild action, and more twists and turns to the plot than you can shake a stick at. I love this book; you will too." -Movie poopshoot.com
"Sfar and Trondheim effortlessly sweep you into their breezy adventures."
-Publishers Weekly
"Although this volume comes late in the Dungeon time line, it is as good as any of the others for series newcomers." -Booklist
6x9, 96pp., full color trade pb., $14.99; ISBN 978-1-56163-460-6



Marvin, saved at the last minute from certain death in a duel by his young warrior admirer Marvin the Red, simply cannot be let to die like he wishes! Whatever he loses, he regains in different powers. He’s even become invincible. It’s to the point where he’d rather exchange body parts to get back his mortality. But then he is led to a discovery that may make continuing to live actually worth it.
"There are quests, battles, romps in bed, disappearances, reunions, invisible monsters, trials and "granny's good cake," enough for any ten lesser books."
"There's a lot more to the dragon than you would have ever imagined when you first began reading the DUNGEON books years ago. This series of books has been so good, for so long, that it truly ranks as a classic. Any new release is cause for celebration, and this is no different."
-Marc Mason, Comicswaitingroom.com
"As much as I've enjoyed the other Dungeon series, I think Dugeon Twilight is my favorite to date. It's probably because Dungeon Twilight finds a way to balance whimsy and serious drama that gives the reader everything they could possibly need. Here's hoping that more albums are produced before too long, because with each new volume of Dungeon translated into English, I find myself loving the line more and more."
Greg McElhatton, Readaboutcomics.com
"Continues the high level of imagination and wit the series is known for. There's enough smart characterization and emotional involvement to win over even the fantasy averse soul." -Chris Mautner, Harrisburg Patriot News
"This Dungeon installment is a rollercoaster of action, adventure, and laughs. Fans waiting on the edge of their seats since Dragon Cemetery: Dungeon: Twilight, v.1 (2006) shouldn't be disappointed." -Booklist
61/2x9, 96pp., full color trade pb., $14.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-477-4

DUNGEON Twilight Vol. 3: The New Centurions  

DUNGEON: Twilight
Vol. 3: The New Centurions

The next 2 chapters in the decline of Dungeon: Terra Amata has exploded and the Dark Fortress of the Grand Khan needs to master the nitro tech. To that end, they hire Marvin the Red even as others plot malevolently… In the second episode, Marvin the dragon and Marvin the Red are trapped on a quickly revolving piece of the exploded planet, and must constantly run or fall off into oblivion!
“One of the funniest volumes of the series yet! Has all the hooks that make Dungeon such a fun series: high adventure, lots of action, and a broad and rambling sense of humor. ” -Booklist
"Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar are modern exemplars when it comes to how one straddles mainstream success and artistic achievement, and as page-to-page, madcap cartooning it's hard to go wrong with watching their mostly well-selected art teams put the well-designed original characters through their paces." -Tom Spurgeon, Comics Reporter
"One of the things that I do appreciate, and love, about Dungeon is the way that major things — the shape of the world, a fortress, family members, a distinctive suit of armor — are lost quickly and definitively, in an almost offhand manner. The world of Dungeon is one where every day — sometimes every moment — that a character can spend alive is the result of a struggle. Sfar and Trondheim don’t spare their major characters, either."-Andrew Wheeler, Antick Musings
"The amazing Dungeon series created by French geniuses Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim continues from strength to strength."
-Jeff Vandermeer, Omnivoracious
61/2x9, 96pp., full color trade pb., $12.99, NOW $2.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-578-8

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DUNGEON: Twilight Vol.4  

DUNGEON: Twilight
Vol. 4: High Septentrion & The End of Dungeon
Johann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, Alfred, Mazan
The last two stories of Dungeon!
In High Septentrion, there has been a violent eruption on the planet of Terra Amata. It’s a scramble to find breathable air, but the wizened blind, mystical dragon the Dust King (Marvin) thinks that it is perhaps time for him to die heroically. However the feisty young Marvin the Red refuses to give up and plans to find a way out of this mess, including finding a way to actually breathe… Art by Alfred of “Why I Killed Peter.”
And in The End of Dungeon the more the islets of the planet Terra Amata move upward, the less there is of breathable oxygen. While Marvin the Red and Zakutu, daughter of the Grand Khân, attempt to protect the seven objects of Destiny, Herbert and the Dust King are forced to swear allegiance to the Dark Entity in order to gain access to breathable air.
All things must come to an end and so it is with the great Dungeon.
"Deft interlacing of satire with independent character and story development. A strong recommendation to current fans, and the series represents a good next step for Adventure Time devotees looking for something equally snappy but more adult." - Foreword
-Midwest Book Review
“8/10. Awesome!”
-Sequential tart
6 ½ 9, 96pp., full color pb, $14.99, NOW $2.99
ISBN 9781561639199
Trondheim interviewed on Comic Book Resources about this volume.

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DUNGEON: Monstres, Vol.1
The Crying Giant

Welcome to the branch of Dungeon focusing on the great adventures of secondary characters and presented by leading guest artists. In this volume, Jean-Christophe Menu, well-known as the head of the highly influential publishing co. L’Association, presents Alcibiades the wizard in The Crying Giant where his all-seeing giant’s eye cannot stop crying, flooding the entire dungeon. They must find the Giant who gave his eye to remedy this rather wet situation. Mazan also presents the story of John-John the Terrible, the monster split into two living halves. New lower price!
-Library Medfia Connection
"Everyone who has read this column knows how much I love the Dungeon series. The art for John-John The Terror is wonderful. Both stories are well above average in terms of fantasy comics"
-Jeff Vandermeer, Realms of Fantasy
"Tickled my funny bone!"
-Kat Kan, Voice of Youth Advocates
"A great job of adding dimension to the cast of characters that make the Dungeon run." -Booklist
61/2 x 9, 96pp., full color trade pb., $12.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-525-2
Sold Out


DUNGEON: Monstres, Vol.2
The Dark Lord

Terra Amata has exploded into so many little floating islands and Herbert has become a very dark and very powerful lord, far from his goofy, shoot-from-the-belt self we all know. In both stories in this volume, the key is to find the map to the new world and great forces are in the way. Whether it’s the Dark Lord or even a very uncompromising and very determined Marvin the Red, the new map must be found!
This sub-series presents guest stars including here Andreas, known for Rork and Capricorn.
"Pokes fun at Dungeons & Dragons, as well as any number of 'hero worship' comic titles."
-School Library Journal
"Packed with action and story payoffs, this is possibly the most exciting yet cohesive volume of the Dungeon series so far. The snappy dialogue and quirky characterization make Dungeon a fun ride!" -Booklist
6 x9”, 96pp., full color trade paperback, $12.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-540-5

DUNGEON: Monstres Vol. 3: Heartbreaker  

DUNGEON: Monstres
Vol. 3: Heartbreaker
Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, Carlos Nine, Patrice Killoffer

In the first title story, the supremely talented (especially with women) and outrageous Carlos Nine gives us the complete low-down on the sexy and dangerous killer Alexandra that the young Dungeon-keeper fell for so heavily. In the second, Killoffer ("676 Apparitions of Killoffer") also focuses on a spicy girl, daughter of a prominent character.
"Definitely entertaining. 8 out 10" -Sequential Tart
"The artwork is lively, exciting, and full of details."
-Library Media Connection
"As usual, the writing is well-tooled and funny, with just the right touch of absurdity. The guest artists have a deft hand, though they don't stray far from the usual Dungeon style. A good continuation of a worthwhile series."
6 x 9, 96pp. full color trade pb.: $12.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-591-7

DUNGEON Monstres Vol. 4: Night of the Ladykiller  

DUNGEON Monstres
Vol. 4: Night of the Ladykiller
Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim,
J-E. Vermot-Desroches, Yoann

Vulture sorcerer Horus, a ladykiller? Who knew? Yet, as the first story in this volume shows, he is accused of impregnating a slew of women. The second story takes a much lighter tone starring Grogro the big always hungry goofball seen in many stories before, especially in the Parade series. Here, he’s the hero, or at least tries to be, on a mission to fix a mess with a bunch of beer brewers. Question is: will he solve the problem… or just eat (and drink) it?
"If there’s a sure bet in the world of graphic novels, DUNGEON is it. Volume four of MONSTRES is as good a place to start as any."
-Comics Waiting Room
"A real treat to read. This book is an awesomely wonderful introduction to the shared Dungeon universe if you’ve never encountered it before."
-Comics Bulletin
"This is probably my favorite of the Monstres stories, because it works on a number of levels. A new reader could come in and understand most of the story beats with little difficulty. The Monstres series is essential reading for any fan of the world that Trondheim & Sfar create. As always, this is genre work at its best: intelligent, witty, thrilling, visually interesting, at times emotionally wrenching, and in possession of both affection for fantasy and a healthy dose of humor about its ridiculousness." Rob Clough, The Comics Journal
"Sfar & Trondheim never have a problem pushing boundaries for a better laugh and here there are laughs aplenty. A wonderful addition to the series."
"Lovers of Sfar and Trondheim’s ongoing send-up of hero fantasy shouldn’t be disappointed by this rollicking entry – which would also make a decent entry point for newcomers to this inventive comics entertainment."
-Seattle Post Intelligencer and Blogcritics.
6 1/2 x 9, 96pp., full color trade pb.: $14.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-608-2

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