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Ted Rall 

Ted Rall
Outrageous Ted (Revenge of the Latchkey Kids) is back with a full graphic novel story recounting his junior-high years in the hands of a merciless bully who just wouldn't let up. Ted, now a strapping fella over 6 feet happily lost in the Big Apple, was at the time a wimp egghead lost in the middle of Nowheresville, Heartland, USA, and hated it with a passion. This no-holds-barred recollection begs the question: was his attitude such that maybe he deserved it?
"This morbidly fascinating memoir-in-comics is one of the more frightening recollections of childhood bullying you're ever likely to read."
Publishers Weekly
"A fascinating look at bullies and revenge. Impossible to put down."
Michael Sangiacomo, The Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Will this book speak to high school readers? Absolutely! But adults who have forgotten how gruesome those years can be also need to read it."
School Library Journal
"Rall's memoir is fueled by the bitterness and anger that inform his editorial cartoons and sports their vaguely cubist figures and distinctive scratchboard technique that makes them look like punk woodcuts."
6x9, 80pp., B&W, trade pb.: $8.95, SALE $3
ISBN 1-56163-215-5
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