Richard Moore
"Boneyard has been consistent pure fun. It's got action, miles of comedy, a wonderfully written potential romance between Michael and Abbey, and it's slowly adding weight and consequence. Boneyard is a gem that deserves fame and acclaim. If you like humor, if you like horror, hell, if you like comics, pick up Boneyard." -NEWSARAMA
"Well rendered witty tale. Recommended for teens and adults." -Library Journal
"A series garnering great word of mouth and increasing sales based on pure craftsmanship and enjoyment. The real hooks are Moore's terrific drawing style and spot on comic timing."
-Troy Brownfield, Comicon.com/pulse
"Boneyard brings a smile to your face, page after page. It's simply a delight."
Andrew Smith, Scripps-Howard papers
"Everything a comic about friendly monsters should be. Moore's strength is his ear for dialogue and timing." -Publishers Weekly
"Top ten comics!" Craig Shutt "Mr. Silver Age" -Comics Buyer's Guide
Yummy, with great art!" -Kat Kan, VOYA

Richard MOORE
Michael Paris has inherited a plot in the remote town of Raven Hollow. As he arrives, he gets to find out what a doozie that is. He’s basically inherited a cemetery that the villagers want razed! Why? It’s haunted with apparently frightening creatures putting a curse on the whole town! But when Paris actually gets to meet some of the denizens of his inherited headache, it turns out they ain’t all that bad (the vamp, in fact, is quite cute) and maybe the evil is not where it may seem... Collects the first 4-issue story arc of this best-selling increasingly popular series. .
"NBM Publishing, produces many of the best graphic novels available today. But even for them, this is something special. Check it out. -Alex Krislov, Netscape /Compuserve
"Grade: 8. Finally! I get to see the Boneyard series and with this new version of volume 1, we get full color, too! Well worth the read."
-Sequential Tart
6x9, 96pp., full color pb.: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-427-9
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Richard MOORE
Introduction by Charles de Lint

Now that Belzebub has been dealt a blow, it’s the turn of the IRS to make Paris’ life hell. But then, a certain beauteous Roxanna miraculously appears looking to solve all monetary problems. Paris resists as best he can, even putting on a monsters boxing contest to raise money but the lures and the pressures... how strong can he stay? Collects issues 5-8 of the comic book.
"Richard Moore's Boneyard is one of the freshest comics on the market." -Nathan Melby, Comics Buyers Guide
"My favourite character here remains Abbey the vampire, and Moore is taking his time in developing the relationship between her and Michael -- their relationship is as charming as it is funny, and I am rooting for it to be permanent.
That's a key appeal of Boneyard, in that among all the gags and comedic situations, Moore remembers to give us stories featuring unique individuals we can sympathize with and laugh with, not just at. NBM is to be congratulated for continuing to collect the individual issues in these terrific graphic novels, highly recommended for readers of all ages. Grade: 4/5" -Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy
"Mr. Moore has quite a vivid imagination, and his excellent black-and-white illustrative styles combined with a biting sense of sarcasm and the absurd make for quite a ghoulish evening of chuckles." -Joe Szadkowski, Washington Times
"***1/2 out of 4. If you're looking for a comedy adventure with echoes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "The Addams Family," snap up this series, post haste." -Jeff Kapalka, Syracuse Post-Standard
"The next step or two beyond The Munsters and The Addams Family in horror sitcom. Pretty darn amusing." -Ray Olson, Booklist
"Oddly funny." -William Dowlding, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Had me convulsed with laughter. There are a fair number of humorous-Gothic titles out there at the moment, including the likes of Gloom Cookie and Lenore. Boneyard is one of the better series and will appeal to readers of those titles and anyone who loved Edward Gorey, the Munsters or Charles Addam's creations." -The Alien Online.com
"Paris now finds himself about to lose his new home due to a large bill from the IRS. How to raise money? Would you believe Celebrity Ghoul Boxing? No? Then how about a Spectral Swimsuit Issue? All these possibilities and more are explored through the medium of Moore's fluid B&W artwork and his boffo dialogue." -Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's
6x9, 96pp., full color trade pb.: $11.95, NOW $2.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-487-3

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Richard MOORE

Now in full color! Glump devises a wondrous scheme to do a Monsters on the Beach special swimsuit issue to help the cash-strapped Michael Paris. Never mind that Glump is hiding a much worse scheme within the scheme! On a darker note, Roxanne shows her true demonic self resulting in a potentially deadly showdown with Abbey. Collects issues 9-11 and the swimsuit issue.
6x9, 96pp., full color, trade pb., $12.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-515-3
"I must admit that I was caught unaware of the quality of this comic. A witty comic with an exciting premise. Richard Moore has created an alluring microcosm full of surprises and laughter."
-Broken Frontier
"Easily accessible no matter when you enter the story. Volume 3 is particularly fun."
-Vampirella Magazine
"This is my first experience with BONEYARD, and I have to say that I was very charmed by it. A book I'll be keeping an eye on. Grade: B+"
-Marc Mason, MoviePoopShoot.com
"Seldom have so many monsters been so much fun, or so engaging."

6x9, 96pp., full color, trade pb., $12.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-515-3
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Richard Moore
Now brought to full color! As Abbey the vampire recovers from her showdown with the much more powerful Lilith, Swamp girl Nessie starts taking the upper hand in her pursuit of Michael Paris. Meanwhile, Glump continues his farcical schemes to rule the world, launching the... ‘Doomsday Frog’! However, all are quickly brought back together to face a new threat: zombies sprouting up from the cemetery! Collects issues 12-16.
“Well drawn, often funny, and occasionally quite clever.”
6x9, 112pp., full color trade pb., $13.95, NOW $2.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-528-3

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Richard MOORE

Abbey, Michael and the Boneyard gang have to confront a two-pronged threat: a huge masked chainsaw -wielding uh, massacerist in a girl’s summer camp and the Pumpkinhead whose very presence puts all in the ‘yard into fevered sleep. Abbey barely survives the confrontation with the chainsaw brute, now it’s up to Michael to face the worst threat… with Nodoze and a baseball bat! (collects issues 16-20).
"Moore's B&W art is up to its usual superb standards, and his dialogue remains snappy and clever." -Asimov's
"The Best arc to date!" -Booklist
7x10”, 112pp., B&W trade pb., $6.99; ISBN 978-1-56163-479-8

Richard MOORE

Introduction by Patton Oswalt
Abbey must attend the Luminary’s Ball, a posh affair where a good impression with the Luminary, head of all fantastic creatures, is crucial. But heading with Michael into her private meeting, arch-rival Lilith slips her a mickey that makes her act uncontrollably badly! Collects issues 21-24.
7x11, 96pp., B&W trade pb., $9.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-510-8
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Richard Moore
The final volume, at least for a long while as Moore takes an indefinite break. Michael Paris and Abbey are up against powerful rival armies in the land of Faeries. Michael look helplessly caught but Abbey raises one powerful army of her own! In this grand spectacular finale, even in the midst of action and suspense, Moore mixes his usual irresistible deadpan humor and magic characterization. Collects issues 25-28.
"Hilariously funny and constantly inventive: you really never know what's going to happen when you turn the page."
"Written with charm and wit, as well as action and passion, Boneyard vol.7 will not disappoint fans of the series yet is also a sufficiently accessible and self-contained story as to be a serviceable jumping-on point for new readers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
-The Midwest Book Review
"Suffused with geeky humor and high adventure, well drawn, and emotionally real, Boneyard v.7 concludes Michael and Abbey’s story, but Richard Moore remains a comics creator to watch, and Boneyard stands as a series well worth rereading many times over. "
"This final edition is chock full of fun, flavor and will keep you glued till the end." -Horror News
"Simply put, Boneyard is a masterful piece of comic book storytelling that has to be seen to be appreciated! "
-The Comics Bulletin
7x10, 96pp, B&W, trade pb., $10.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-583-2
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