America’s First
Graphic Novel Publisher
General facts about NBM:
Over 35 years ago, NBM was founded as "Flying Buttress Publications." What can we say? It sounded neat at the time, especially with the slogan "the support of a new medium." We just have a way with names. Let's just say 'NBM' wouldn't be our first choice if we could do it over again!
With a whopping initial investment of $2100, publisher Terry Nantier put into action the vision he got, while living in Europe, of making the graphic novel a success here as well. At the time, we used the term 'graphic album' and, quite frankly, we still prefer to say simply 'comics albums' which is both unpretentious and more encompassing. In those days, besides needing a name that would stick, the concept was completely alien, thus needing an explanation within the books themselves. So, Nantier concocted the following (very silly) script and managed to bamboozle Steve Bissette, newly graduated from the Kubert School, to do art that did far too much justice to it! What you see below appeared on the back cover of 'Future Day', a 1979 hardcover collection of Gene Day's stories which sold for... $4.95!
The intended audience was a general, non-comic book collecting one... From the beginning, the view was to woo a general audience and that goal has never changed.
Today, NBM garners over 100 reviews and articles a year in the mainstream media, not counting fan or specialized media. From Publisher's Weekly where we were among the first to be reviewed in the eighties, to the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post and countless more, we have been instrumental in helping to open doors.
...and on page 2:
“Comic book artists have talent...but no time.
Newspaper comic artists have creativity...but no room.
There’s a great new idea for America. And you’re holding it in your hands. The Graphic Album. Bigger pages, careful reproduction, quality paper, a clear status of author instead of artist for hire, give graphic album artists full potential for total development. Compare the artwork in this book with that of a comic-book or with that in your newspaper...