In September 1976, NBM became America’s
first graphic novel publisher.
Did you know?...
Some of NBM’s firsts:
• First to publish in GNs starting with ‘Racket Rumba’ a European spoof of hard-boiled detective novels (months before the launch of Heavy Metal), followed by Enki Bilal’s ‘The Call of the Stars’.
• First to publish European GNs in this country, helping to inspire American artists onto greater personal expression.
• First to get general bookstore distribution as early as 1980 (distribution by Caroline House).
• First to publish library-worthy sets of hardcover reprints of classic comic strips with the very successful ‘Terry & The Pirates’ reprint program of 12 quarterly volumes in 1983.
• First to publish fully painted graphic novels with the sell-out launch of ‘The Mercenary’ by Spaniard Vicente Segrelles (1985).
and that’s only the beginning!

Major authors and sellers for NBM over the years:
Luis Royo, over 200,000 copies sold in all markets, including the SF Book Club.
The Mercenary: over 50,000 sold
A Treasury of Victorian Murder: up to 100,000 sold
including the Junior Library Guild.
To Afghanistan and Back by Ted Rall, 20,000 sold.
P. Craig Russell's ‘Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde’, over 20,000 copies sold and translated into 6 languages.
Dungeon: 30,000 sold.

General facts about NBM:

• only 30% of sales in the direct (comics) market.
• over 50 foreign language editions sold with now more than a dozen sold a year.
• Has published upwards of 500 book titles, with presently over 200 in active backlist.

Stars in the NBM firmament: Stars in NBM's past:

Nicholas De Crecy
Rick Geary
Vittorio Giardino
Ted Rall
P. Craig Russell

Newest stars:
Brooke A. Allen

Arthur De Pins
Eric Hobbs

Ray Bradbury
Milton Caniff
Harlan Ellison
Joe Haldeman
Burne Hogarth
Hugo Pratt
Will Eisner
Scott Hampton
Michael Kaluta
Dave McKean