A Horror Theme Park Run by the Real Thing

n NBM’s tradition from Richard Moore’s Boneyard to Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar’s Dungeon, here is another dryly humorous spoof of horror from the astonishing palette of French artist Arthur de Pins.
Some poor sucker, Aurelian, cuckolded by his wife, down and out, fails to rob a bar, dejectedly goes out into the street… and gets run over.
There’s a rub to this. A girl magically made him fail at his lame robbery attempt. The car that ran him over has a vampire and a werewolf who, not wanting to leave any bodies, ‘resuscitate’ him by… biting him.
All of them work at the local horror theme park, Zombillenium.
Thus are we introduced, along with a now somewhat haggard Aurelian, to the inner workings of a theme park that is fully authentic indeed. You see, every manager and all the staff are monsters. One can only imagine how much of the staff, mostly comprised of zombies, has a smidgen of a hard time dealing with silly but fairly delicious looking humans.
The hapless protagonist Aurelian, now a de facto employee of the park, is slowly realizing, along with us, how powerful the combination of werewolf and vampire can be and we get to learn by the end of this first volume that the girl, Gretchen, who has taken a shine to him and saves his butt on many an occasion, has a much deeper story to tell than simple intern…
Drawn entirely in Adobe Illustrator, the art is breathtaking, deserving the large size our edition provides it.

Arthur de Pins is a discovery here but was well known for some cutely naughty strips “Péchés Mignons” (Cute Sins) done for the snarky magazine Fluide Glacial. He has also been working in animation. Zombillenium won him the prize for best comics for youth at the Angouleme Comics Convention. He is available for interviews and his English is excellent.

Check out (and share!) the beautiful video trailer for the book on our site and the wonderfully designed website at (presently in French, we are hard at work on an English version to go up soon).
9x12, 48pp. full color hardcover: $14.99, ISBN 9781561637348. Publication: August 2013.
Also available as e-book for Kindle: ISBN 9781561637966; epub (Apple, etc.): ISBN 9781561637461, Nook: ISBN 9781561637971, pdf (various): ISBN 9781561637454.
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