John Malloy


John Malloy

Chloe, a young reporter from L.A., gets the opportunity of a lifetime. She has an interview with Ike Reuben, a film-maker and novelist whose work has been a constant source of inspiration for her since college. This opportunity triggers Chloe's past in a series of flashbacks, containing memories that may actually threaten to impede her interview. But Ike has a past of his own to address, manifesting itself in the form of dreams, which are the result of some kind of narcolepsy, or uncontrollable "sleep attacks". He is somehow able to slip in between the cracks, laying unconscious in one reality, while living and witnessing another. When the two meet, they discover that their pasts are actually what can set them free, and that the line between memories and dreams is finer than they could ever imagine.
"Should attract fans of such series as Neil Gaiman's Sandman."
81/2 x 11, 64pp., B&W trade pb.: $9.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-296-1,
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