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Craig Russell is a master at transforming literary works into comics.
Playful and thought provoking–and they're bound to delight
children of any age."
-School Library Journal

Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde: The Complete Set 1–5 

P. Craig Russell

A complete collection of the prize-winning and greatly acclaimed adaptations of Oscar Wilde's works, this specially priced set brings each story to life with brilliant illustrations by a master of comic art. Each of the paperback volumes of Wilde's compelling tales are assembled here with close to 200 pages of exquisite comics, including such classics as "The Selfish Giant" who won't let the children play in his garden until the dire consequences make him see the light, "The Devoted Friend" on what constitutes real friendship, "The Nightingale and the Rose" a stirring story of sacrifice to love with a cruel twist, "The Birthday of the Infanta" where a hideous dwarf discovers that his good humor and tricks may not be the reason he receives such attention, and "The Happy Prince" where a once spoiled young prince finds what it means to make sacrifices. Perfect for middle school students as an introduction to the world-famous author, the dazzling illustrations in this book suit the finely crafted prose of Wilde.
Paperback: 81/2x11, 192 pp., full color,, $39.99, ISBN 9781681120614
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Hardcover: 81/2x11, 192 pp., full color,, $79.99, ISBN 9781561638901


P. Craig Russell
One of comic art’s most respected and pioneering artists, well known for his opera adaptations and beautiful fantasy work, P. Craig Russell is in the process of adapting Oscar Wilde’s famous fairy tales in a series of landmark volumes.
Eisner award winner “Best Artist”; Harvey award winner “Best Graphic Album”.
“Russell matches Wilde’s literary skills with artistic talent.” Publishers Weekly
“An attractive introduction to Wilde’s tales.” Booklist
“Russell’s dramatic style makes them more accessible.”
School Library Journal
“Exquisitely illustrated.” Tony Isabella
“I Cannot praise these books enough. Perfect for a child’s library although I suspect most adults will find them irresistible for themselves.”
Memphis Commercial Appeal-Scripps Howard papers

The Selfish Giant and The Star Child, Paperback: 81/2x11, 48 pp., full color, $9.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-375-3
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The Selfish Giant and The Star Child, Hardcover: 81/2x11, 48 pp., full color, jacketed hardcover, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-056-1

Vol. 1: Signed & Numbered edition: Limited to 500, $45
Signed & Numbered editions: quarterbound in real cloth, tipped-in sheet with special art signed by Russell.
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Vol. 2: The Young King and The Remarkable Rocket: 81/2x11, 48 pp., full color, jacketed hardcover, $17.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-085-1


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The Young King and The Remarkable Rocket, Paperback: 81/2x11, 48 pp., full color,, $9.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-771-3

Vol. 2: Signed & Numbered edition: Limited to 500, $45,
ISBN 978-1-56163-099-8



Vol. 3: The Birthday of the Infanta: 81/2x11, clothbound jacketed, 32pp., full color: $16.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-213-8


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The Birthday of the Infanta, Paperback: 81/2x11, 32pp., full color: $8.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-775-1

Vol. 3: Signed & Numbered edition: Limited to 300, $50,
ISBN 978-1-56163-214-5



P. Craig Russell

The next volume in the prize-winning and greatly acclaimed complete adaptations of Wilde’s tales presents “The Devoted Friend” on what constitutes real friendship, and “The Nightingale and the Rose” a stirring story of sacrifice to love with a cruel twist.
"Wilde isn't blatanly jeering at hypocrites or credulous fools in these stories. He is, however, suggesting that even the most genuinely beautiful surfaces shouldn't be trusted. Russell catches this mood perfectly, not trying to overshadow Wilde but merely helping him do his disturbing work. Russell's exquisite art has a supple ink line that's never fussy."
-Publishers Weekly-starred review
"This is easily the best volume of Russell's Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde to date. It's easy to see why people who create art hold his work in such regard."
-Greg McElhatton, ICOMICS
"Grade: A-" -Comics Buyers Guide
"They're actually subversive satires that vary from the wickedly funny to the curiously bittersweet." -Jeff Kapalka, Syracuse Post-Standard
"Lush color and a balanced mix of figurative styles provide readers with the opportunity to engage immediately and completely with the two stories included in this volume."
"The illustrations are colorful and exquisite, both stories demonstrate Wilde's gift for obvious irony and provide excellent lessons for readers of any age."
-Bloomsburg Review
"These are not saccharine, happy-ending stories; Wilde's acid wit gives them an edge. Russell's depiction is extraordinary, the art's lyrical splendor and gorgeous colors capturing the story."
-Library Journal

Vol. 4: Hardcover: 81/2 x 11, full color, cloth bound jacketed book, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-391-3.

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Vol. 4: Paperback: 81/2x11, 32pp., full color trade pb., $8.99,

Vol. 4: Signed & Numbered edition: Limited to 300, $50,
ISBN 978-1-56163-397-5

The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol.5: The Happy Prince

Vol.5: The Happy Prince
P. Craig Russell

The Happy Prince is arguably the most famous and well loved of Oscar Wilde's nine fairy tales, rivaled only by The Selfish Giant. It is also a very timely tale at a time of controversy over the increasing chasm between rich and poor…The Happy Prince has lived a life of opulence but has died young and his soul inhabits a beautiful ruby encrusted statue covered all over in gold leaf. From his perch high above the city he is witness to all the poverty, misery, and hopelessness in which his people have been living. When a small barn swallow in flight to the warm south ahead of the approaching winter stops to rest upon the statue the Happy Prince prevails upon him to delay his travels in order to remove his gold leaf a piece at a time and shower it upon the poor citizens. Out of love for the Happy Prince the swallow does his bidding. As the days pass the Prince's beauty is stripped away and as winter sets in the bird's fate is sealed. In the spring the townspeople finding only a dull statue with a broken lead heart and a dead bird consign the worthless objects to the ash heap. Only an emissary of God recognizes them as the most valuable treasures of the city and brings them to the gardens of heaven.
"Russell’s admiration and respect for this tale shines brilliantly. Russell’s style is evocative of earlier illustrators and illustrative styles, echoing art nouveau styles and the splendour of Arthur Rackham. The story is a treat as well as a treatise for contemporary readers of all ages."
-No Flying No Tights
"Russell’s illustrations slip delicately between the terrific pain the prince sees and the fragile joy the bird helps him deliver." -Teacher Librarian
"Russell’s elegant, glowing, art nouveau–influenced illustration, which recalls both Maxfield Parrish and Arthur Rackham, fits the tale perfectly. A work of adaptation that it’s hard to think could be bettered."
"Lovingly, beautifully crafted. Arguably the most beautiful graphic album of 2012. My regard for this wonderful book comes from deep within my soul, and I recommend it without hesitation or restraint."
-Tony Isabella, Comics Buyers Guide
"Skillfully using perspective, angle, and shadow, Russell portrays the emotions and humanity of the Happy Prince while never letting readers forget that he is a statue. A lovely adaptation." -School Library Journal
"A visual delight, capturing the writer's blend of wit and sentimentality with Russell's usual fine-lined grace. As apt today as it was when Wilde first crafted it in the Victorian Era, The Happy Prince is a lovingly depicted parable of Christian charity that deserves to be revived in this era of celebrated selfishness."
-Bill Sherman, Seattle Post Intelligencer
"The timing of this book couldn’t be better, speaking as it does to what the citizens of a well-off community value, and how they shirk social responsibility. The lesson is plain, yet sensitively and elegantly rendered."
-The Onion/AV Club
"Smartly adapted by master craftsman Russell. Conveyed with great heart."
-Richard Pachter, Miami Herald
"Well worth the wait. As usual, Russell's art is transcendent, transporting the reader to a world where even trash dumps have their own textured, fine-lined beauty. This story of heroic altruism and the gap between rich and poor is of special relevance today, where it's reflected in the Occupy Wall Street movement and presidential politics." - Andrew Smith,
Minneapolis Star Tribune/Scripps Howard News Service

"Russell’s sensitive, belle epoque–inspired artwork brings the story to life with a matched sensibility that makes other comics adaptations look clumsy."
-Publishers Weekly starred review
"Russell’s illustrations provide impressive visions of the descriptions the prince and the swallow share. All together, it makes for a feast for the eyes of many of the extremes of our world — artistic accomplishment (the gilded statue), natural beauty (the bird and the reed), faraway lands (the swallow’s Egyptian dreams), and the ups and downs of home (those living among us who need help)."
Comics Worth Reading
" An outstanding piece of work, well worth your time and money, whether you’re a Wilde fan, a Russell fan, or just want to try something new."
Comics Waiting Room
"The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 5: The Happy Prince is another triumph for both Russell and NBM. Russell’s art is never one to be missed, and The Happy Prince is no exception. Highly recommended, for readers of all ages."
Read About Comics
" Russell manages to capture the tone of the fairy tale perfectly, neither letting Wilde do most of the heavy lifting nor leaving so much out that the original author seems ill-served. Would that all literary to comic adaptations could be so graceful."
Robot 6
Paperback: 8 ½ x 11, 32pp., full color trade pb., $8.99
ISBN 9781561639816

Hardcover: 8 ½ x 11, 32pp., full color jacket hc: $16.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-626-6, back in stock in December.

The Signed Limited Edition:
8 ½ x 11, 32pp., full color jacket hc: $50, ISBN 978-1-56163-629-7

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