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Fires Above Hyperion
Patrick Atangan
Imagine Sex and the City written by a gay Charlie Brown.  "One day I woke up and realized I had been dating for twenty years.  Twenty years.  It's hard to imagine anyone with as little resolve as I have doing anything for so long."  In this autobiographical work, Patrick Atangan documents the sad hilarity of his love life from awkward first encounters, to finding out that the great guy you've been dating already has a boyfriend, to the sad inevitability of a break up. With a dark sense of humor, Atangan navigates the perils of the gay world.
"No exception to the Patrick Atangan rule of awesome!"
-Sequential Tart
"Insightful, penetrating, invitingly self-deprecating… magical and unforgettable!"
-Now Read This
"Unassuming yet unflinching, Atangan's self-deprecating exploration of his twenty-year journey through the trials and tribulations of dating showcases a humility and honesty that resonate deeply with the reader. Fires Above Hyperion isn't a chronicle of heartbreak and despair, but rather a celebration of human connection that transcends race, gender, or sexual orientation." -Broken Frontier
"A seriocomic chronicle of romantic disappointment. Plenty of humor, poignant."
"Atangan excels at translating feelings into emotions.
The trick of this particular graphic novel is the way in which Atangan makes events and aspects in his personal life seem that way to the reader as well. There's a relatability, an almost universality to his stories, which he achieves in their telling, even if readers might feel divorced from many of the specifics.
The first line of copy on the back reads, "Imagine if Sex and the City were written by a gay Charlie Brown…" So of course, I thought, 'I don't just want to imagine that. I want to read Sex and the City written by a gay Charlie Brown, and I want to read it as soon as possible."
And so, in all likelihood, will you."
-J. Caleb Mozzocco, Comics Alliance
6x8, 96pp., full color trade pb., $14.99
ISBN 9781561639878
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Invincible Days
Patrick Atangan

This collection of short stories forms a singular narrative that reveals the tiny moments when you realize you are at the precious end-days of youth.  Atangan creates an intricate mosaic from his own childhood memories as well as those gathered from friends and family. Bittersweet, joyful and reflective, these are the type of marking moments that best define us as adults. By the author of the Yellow Jar and Silk Tapestry.
A YALSA Great Graphic Novel for Teens nominee
Publishers Weekly Critics' Poll Best of 2014

"Absolutely awesome! contains all of the little internal monologs that we had as children and could never seem to share with all the adults around us."
-Sequential Tart
"[The art] gives the stories a sense of serenity that was surprisingly interesting."
"The sweet and innocent illustrations are the perfect contrast to such a profound story."
-Comics Alternative
"Startling depth of character. An elegant work that successfully transforms deeply personal moments into a meaningful exploration of the universal
feelings of coming-of-age." -Booklist
"Don't let the small furry animals fool you. In Invincible Days, Patrick Atangan's elegantly simple, highly stylized visual storytelling draws the reader into the seasons of life with craft and guile. Once I started reading, I quickly realized what a brilliant choice Atangan had made in utilizing such innocuous storytelling vehicles to draw the reader into his intensely personal and insightful exploration. A dramatic stylistic departure from his previous works such as The Yellow Jar, Invincible Days is a testament to the refinement of Atangan's skills as an artist and his fearlessness as a storyteller."
-Broken Frontier
"New and notable release. I'd take a look at it for the visual style employed in the preview all by itself." -Tom Spurgeon, Comics Reporter
9x6, 128pp., color hc, $19.99 ISBN 9781561639014

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Songs of Our Ancestors,

In the next volume of Patrick (Yellow Jar) Atangan's Asian folktale collection, Tree of Love celebrates India's tradition of elevating romance to a work of art. Atangan adapts Rajput polyptych paintings of northern India and transforms them into a unique and poetic comic experience. Tree of Love follows a prince's courtship of a flower peddler. The young prince is surprised by the difficulty in proving the worthiness of what everyone sees as a common woman. But she has a secret, a special gift bound in the beauty and power of nature.
Each page faithfully ornaments Tree of Love's painfully universal story about the intricacies of love.
"Endearing and aesthetically beautiful. A delightful and stunning piece of work."
"Atangan's beautiful art and attention to authentic detail cast a spell of enchantment."
-Publishers Weekly

"There's a level of detail in the work that enhances the emotional content of the story that I can barely describe to you. It's just wonderful. His body of work right now is something to approach with awe and respect. Treat yourself to reading this series of books."
"A beautiful book, one that will do quite well on the self of any lover of art. Each of Atangan's books has been a visual joy, and Tree of Love is no exception to that rule."
-Greg McElhatton, IComics
"***1/2. Enchanting, gorgeous and painstaking production values."
-Comics Buyers Guide
81/2x 61/2", 48pp., full color hardcover: $12.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-438-5
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silk tapestry
Songs of our Ancestors,
Folktales are the bones of society. Through them the lessons of love, courage and maturity are told from an elderly generation to its children. What was once a strong tradition in asian culture is fast disappearing.
“Songs of Our Ancestors” is an exploration of these folktales and their cultures. This second volume adapts three Chinese tales themed round the unique struggle of the artist. An old woman, a young boy and a wild spirit are all bound by the creative passion to change their world.
In “Silk Tapestry,” an impoverished elderly woman’s only hope against a life of hardship lies in the completion of a magical tapestry. It is said to be the key to paradise. In “Sausage-Boy and his Magic Brush,” a young boy’s remarkable talent for creating paintings that come to life attracts a greedy woman. And in the creation myth “Pan-Gu,” a wild but lonely spirit sculpts the Earth from a cosmic egg in hopes it will bring others like him to keep him company.
"Folktales represent a culture's historical record, and yet their impact often diminishes through repeated retelling. A new story format can breathe new life into an old tale, which is just what the author accomplishes. His works can and should be enjoyed by families of all cultures."
"Highly recommended." -Library Journal
"I'll be the first to admit that I absolutely adored Patrick Atangan's THE YELLOW JAR a year and a half ago. Telling Japanese folk tales in a beautifully appropriate art style, it was one of the sharpest looking books on the market at the end of 2002, and the idea of a second book of stories tackling Chinese stories just makes me want to jump up and down and squeal with delight. Come, squeal with me." -Greg McElhatton, 9th Art
"I shall just say this: Silk Tapestry is a masterpiece." -Still on the
"A beautiful piece of work. The stories themselves are simple, but beautiful in their simplicity and the messages they tell us." -William Kulesa, The Jersey Journal
"A spectacularly written, drawn, and colored, feast for the eyes."
-Marc Mason,
"Grade: 9. Patrick Atangan's Songs of Our Ancestors is a welcome addition to any myth-lovers collection, and for those looking for something more than the typical Greek, Norse, or Egyptian myths, this is a beautiful vignette to start with." -Lee Atchison, Sequential Tart
"All in all a quite charming collection of tales. Definitely an effort to be both applauded and encouraged." -The Alien Online
"With fine detail and beautiful earthtone colors, Atangan stunningly re-creates these triumphant tales for a new audience."
-School Library Journal
81/2x61/2, 48pp., full color hardcover: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-403-3
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yellow jar
Songs of our Ancestors,
Introducing the delightfully precise and beautifully designed art of Patrick Atangan in a new series of adaptations of traditional Asian tales. This book, drawn in the ukiyo-e style (world of floating pictures), presents "The Yellow Jar" which centers around a simple fisherman and a beautiful maiden he takes as wife, after finding her in a magic jar. However, she is abducted by a demon warrior considerably more powerful than the simple fisherman. But the fisherman’s resolve, even after many unsuccessful attempts to rescue her, does not flinch... In "Two Chrysanthemum Maidens", a monk is faced with two rather strange wild flowers in his carefully tended garden. They are wild and have planted themselves there at will. They are weeds but they are lovely like women.
"Beautiful and timeless. Presented in the typical NBM quality package."
-Comics Buyer's Guide-panel of retailers
"Atangan charmingly adopts the sharp outlines, boldly juxtaposed color fields, and striking compositions of eighteenth-century Japanese woodblock prints."
"A tremendous debut by Atangan, and this is definetly someone to keep your eyes on. Everything about The Yellow Jar is perfect, from story, to art, to the production values of this small but attractive- looking hardcover. Comics often strive to look like works of art, but The Yellow Jar simply is one."
"My personal favorite of NBM's recent adaptations. Visually complex while being incredibly easy to read, "The Yellow Jar" has the kind of magic that will appeal as much to children as adults. You won't believe it's his first book."
-Andrew Arnold,
"It's like a Kabuki play on paper, seductive to both eye and mind."
-Andrew A. Smith, Scripps-Howard papers
"Marvelous artwork, remarkable and unique book."
-Library Journal Starred Review
"Grade A! Breathtaking...sheer beauty."
-Comics Buyer's Guide
On the New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age 2004 List
1/2x61/2, 48pp., full color hardcover: $12.95
ISBN 1-56163-331-3
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