Shane White


Shane White
Foreword by Robert Kirkman
The author of the acclaimed “North Country” is back with a dark comedy. Despite Rick Watt’s best efforts to keep it together, he feels his life is falling apart, turning him into a zombie. After a cross-country move with girlfriend in tow, his fresh start turns into a festering mess. As a video game artist, Rick is subjected to the incompetence of three bosses and a kinky art director. His overactive imagination helps him cope until… his seven-year relationship tailspins and his ex takes flight with the guy across the parking lot. Other jobs and a new GF don’t look any better. Caught between his fantasy world and reality, Rick decides to pull the trigger.
With a foreword by Robert Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead.
"Cleverly-designed and executed work. It doesn’t overstay its
welcome in terms of length, it’s clearly told and darkly humorous.”
-Rob Clough, The Comics Journal
"This indie graphic novel has high appeal, especially for Rick's peers.
His gradual zombification is slyly funny without becoming grotesque."
“Through White’s impeccable dark humor and expressive cartoon-styled art, Rick Watts lives the grand collection of life’s little disasters that are instantly recognizable in our own lives. ***1/2"
-Karen O’Brien, Comics Buyers Guide
“I found the story highly entertaining and well written with a flair for dramatics. Great stuff from the NBM team.” -Horrornews.com
“I enjoyed the last third of the book, where he takes the symbolism over the top into a violent fantasy of making significant life changes. The cartooning was action-packed and funny.”
-Comics Worth Reading
“It’s a very thoughtful and creative book with a tremendously satisfying finish.” -Comics Bulletin
6x9, 80pp., 2 color trade pb.: $12.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-563-4

Get both books (This and North Country):
$19.95, a $7 savings!

Read his interview on this in Newsarama


Sometimes, you have to escape your past to get to the truth. ComicsLit introduces another amazing talent with a deeply felt story about growing up in a northern New York State mill town. After years of being away and making a life for himself, Shane finally travels back home. On his way, his mind is flooded with the memories of his blue-collar family under tremendous pressure and pushed to the breaking point by alcoholism and abuse. For a kid growing up in this, the pain can be tremendous. As an adult, resentment battles reconciliation. Beautifully evocative full color art.
"Cleverly-designed and executed work. It doesn’t overstay its welcome in terms of length, it’s clearly told and darkly humorous.”
-Rob Clough, The Comics Journal
"***1/2. His flair for poetic, colorful, and emotional narrative is impressive. This is all the more amazing because this is his first published work. Shane White's name will be heard again; pick up this graphic novel to see why." -Comics Buyers Guide
"Everything rang true. Everything struck me as something that could have happened to someone I know. White is a comics creator well worth following and NORTH COUNTRY is a graphic novel well worth reading. It earns the full five out of five Tonys."
-Tony Isabella, Comics Buyers Guide

"Overall, this is an extremely impressive debut. Grade: 4.5 out of 5"
"tension-fraught work" -Kirkus Reviews
"41/2 bullets. An amazing new graphic novel that is a triumph of craft and intelligence, passion and insight, subtlety and complexity. It's exhilarating to read a comic by a new creator who's already at the top of his form. North Country is a must read."
"For a first-time graphic novel author, Shane White exhibits a remarkable talent for the form, delivering a shattering and memorable portrait of abuse and reconciliation. Seemingly out of nowhere, Shane White has arrived with a grossly huge talent for drawing and a keen knowledge about how to use the form of comics to best editorial advantage".
-Andrew Arnold, Time.comix
"White breaks with convention to present his graphic-novel memoir very realistically and conservatively. White pulls out the stops, however, in terms of point of view, expressive color, and storytelling technique. A far from uncommon life story beautifully rendered."

"This is the first graphic novel from White, and it shows there's a ton of future potential for him." -MoviePoopShoot.com
A deeply textured story. Can be read again and again. The quality of the artwork is consistently high, with two notable instances standing above the rest. The first is when Shane remembers trying on the Superman cape made by his mother and realized to his dismay that he could not actually fly. The stylistic change and the images of Superman himself juxtaposed against the boy's emotional outpouring are extremely effective. The second is when the family dynamic finally changed when Shane's father confessed to an affair and (literally) crumbled to pieces before his son.
-School Library Journal
8 x 8, 96pp., full color trade pb., $13.95, ISBN 1-56163-435-2

Get both books (This and Things Undone):
$19.95, a $7 savings!

See Shane White's interview on Pulse
For more artwork and information about the artist go to:
   NBM publishing 160 Broadway, Suite 700, East Wing New York, NY 10038 Tel: 1-800-886-1223

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