Naomi NOWAK


A promise made decades ago could suddenly be fulfilled, endangering the life of a girl, trying her friendships and confusing her suitors. A semi-conscious love triangle ensues in twilit northern forests. Obsession, overprotection and the hunger for everything to be in it's right place - rules of the game, set to a backdrop of arctic summer.
"An excellent example of how flamboyance can enhance, rather than impair, a convoluted, magical story. Nowak may not explain everything in the story, but her generous visuals invite the reader to suppose what Graylight is in their own fashion, whether it be a romantic phantasmagoria or a subtle, spell-ridden myth."
-The Comics Journal
"Nowak’s third graphic novel is her best yet. It reads like a dark Alice Hoffman story illustrated in manga-influenced pencils and jewel-toned pastels." -VOYA
"The lovely images make this worth a look. Teen and adult fans of shojo manga will likely enjoy this blend of romance and magic."
-Library Journal
"For connoisseurs of serious literature and film as well as graphic novels." -Booklist
"Intriguing story combined with powerful art makes Graylight a
5 x 71/2, 144pp., full color trade pb.: $12.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-567-2



For a girl whose family used to be wealthy, starting work in a sweat shop turns out to be a life altering experience. Very soon, hard work is the least of her problems - she finds herself in the middle of a love tangle with no confidantes but a rude old card-reading lady with an eerily similar romantic past and a mute girl. The small seaside town offers nothing but a salty breeze to soothe her - or could it be that there is just a little bit of magic in the air, too? By the author of “Unholy Kinship.”
"The art transcends what readers would normally expect to find in a graphic novel; any page in this book would not be out of place in a frame on the wall of an art gallery. This is a unique book for thoughtful, mature readers."
-School Library Journal
"For anyone reminiscing about Neil Gaiman’s sense of fantasy or looking for someone with a little “what if…” this is a comic book artist worth watching for." -Feminist Review
"Fans of manga stylings, especially shojo should enjoy the art, and the story will reward anyone who has or is about to come of age."
"The book is brimming with luscious, pastel-hued drawings, like a fairy tale retold in the pages of a fashion magazine. Beyond their attractiveness, the drawings tell a parallel story in an interesting, nonlinear way." -Santa Barbara News-Press
"Gorgeously rendered. The surreal art is lovely." -The Onion
"Romantic, Pre-Raphaelite color washes and poses mingle with modern fashions as well as concerns common to both styles’ eras.
Nowak’s storytelling is sophisticated in its use of plot- and image-oriented symbolism, and readers who are Josephine’s peers, in particular, may appreciate this examination of their cares."
"She's an extremely gifted artist; I'd go as far to say that she looks like the second coming of P. Craig Russell. Very few people in comics are doing work that you could compare to hers, and there's always a place on the shelves for someone doing something that looks unique and appealing." -Marc Mason, Comicswaitingroom.com
5x71/2, 144pp, full color trade pb., $12.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-511-5

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Naomi Nowak

Luca thinks she knows her sister, her history and her friends - but very few things are what they seem. What to do if your world falls apart when your only living relatives are mentally unstable and you’re a disaster in relationships? A story of confusion, love and the past. An exciting debut by an artist inspired by but providing a next step from manga.
"A beautifully told story that will leave you wanting more from this young artist. A great debut." -Jazma Online
"She's clearly a gifted artist, a very good debut, literate and thoughtful, and I look forward to more from this talented creator."
-Marc Mason, Comicswaitingroom.com
"Nowak is clearly a talent who will bear watching. She creates several interesting characters, knows how to establish a strong premise, and she's not afraid to follow a number of intersecting story lines. Most importantly, she is completely fearless about describing her character's difficult emotional states."
-Publishers Weekly
"Nowak blends linework and color to establish significant emotional moods, and her often fragmented pages support her story of broken relationships and dissolving mental states. At its end, this is a frightening tale of losing touch with reality, well illustrated by a promising talent. " -Comicsworthreading.com
5x71/2, 112pp., full color trade pb.: $9.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-482-8

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