Seyeong O

Seyeong O
From Korea comes a collection of incisive observant short stories by a leading artist. Reading these thirteen exceptional stories is an experience similar to appreciating a touching poem or watching a series of stills from a silent movie. Combining the traits of different artistic genres, O has indeed created his own world of comic art. While eloquently presenting a universal human experience, O also brings a delightful and exotic insight into Korean society. Whereas Manwa (Korean comics) can be much more than we expect... For mature readers.
"One of the Best Adult books for High School students! Thirteen short stories by a master of manhwa (comics) offer an excellent introduction to O's various black-and-white art styles as well as insight into contemporary Korea's culture and history."
-School Library Journal
"O's skill at evoking reader responses ranging from aching sympathy to rueful amusement to horror is that of a consummate craftsman."
"Seyeong renders all of these stories in carefully composed frames, each panel a precise emotional or physical moment. What's really impressive, though, is this book's gentle nature. The author's voice—clear, humane, and patient—always comes through, making these comics both a thoughtful glimpse into a foreign and little-discussed culture and a pleasure to read."
-Publishers Weekly starred review
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"O has a gift for effortlessly bringing the reader into his world. Buja's Diary will expand your comics world. It picks up the full five out of five Tonys."
-Tony Isabella, Comics Buyers Guide
"Grade: 4.5 out of 5. Highly recommended."
-The Comic Book Galaxy.com
"Poignant tales. In well-defined black-and-white panels, O generates remarkable empathy and insight while maintaining a sense of objectivity." -VOYA
"Recommended for all readers of Barefoot Gen and Osamu Tezuka's later works."
-Library Journal
6x9, 272 pp., B&W, trade pb.: $19.95 ISBN 978-1-56163-448-4

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