A Girl, Minoo Shirazi, Must Straddle Cultures

Minoo Shirazi is a free spirited and determined girl growing up in the religiously repressive Iranian regime. She takes from her father who almost ruined his academic career and family being outspoken. Yet, in this first volume, “Leaving Home”, of this trilogy, she clashes with him over this fiery spirit. Eventually, it becomes clear she needs to come to the United States to study so as to keep herself out of trouble with authorities.
Running parallel to this story is one we cannot quite place: is it a dream state? An alternate world? What we see is Minoo as a warrior woman on a quest in the middle of ancient Persian legend and its fantastic mythological creatures. This story string also ends in the first volume with us, and her, finding out how important her position is in that world.
How these two storylines will intertwine remains a mystery we will have to uncover in the next volumes.
Like Minoo, writer and creator Dara Naraghi grew up under the repressive Iranian regime and immigrated to study and now work in the US. By day, he works in the information technology field but he alrwady has a track record in comics with NY Timers bestselling licensed comics of Terminator and Witch & Wizard and many other works with IDW, Dark Horse, Dc Comics and Image. He lives in Columbus, OH.
Fellow Columbus resident Brent Bowman is the artist, he too has had work published by Image and Caliber.
This endeavor already has had quite a trajectory starting with a successful fundraiser through Kickstarter to enable Brent to devote himself full time to this. It has also been pre-serialized in 4 e-issues on Comixology. Those issues will be pulled once the graphic novel becomes available, in favor of the e-book version.

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6x9, 128 pp., B&W trade pb., $12.99, ISBN 9781561637065, Pub. Date: July.
e-books ISBNs: epub (Apple, etc.) 9781561637331; kindle: 9781561637409;
Nook: 978156163; pdf: 9781561637324