Ghetto Brother
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"I am deeply grateful for this book to share with my students, many, if not most of whom are involved in gangs and many of whom live in the South Bronx. Mr. Melendez's message of peacemaking is direly needed. My gratitude to the author, illustrator, Mr. Melendez, and NBM for publishing this story that *needs* to be heard."
Jessica Fenster-Sparber
School Librarian
Passages Academy--Belmont
Brooklyn, New York
"There’s no doubt that the Ghetto Brothers are an influence in NYC's urban history. They paved the way for many who were searching for a sense of identity, a voice and social justice."
Jorge “Popmaster Fabel” Pabon
"Fascinating. Engrossing."
-Sequential Tart
"Ghetto Brother is absorbing—a true testament to the power of faith in goodwill."
"A fascinating, largely unknown story that’s told in a compelling, unexpected way."
-Jewish Telegraphic Agency
"The universe is cyclical but in hip hop, it starts with Benjy Melendez. Ghetto Brother is it’s comic origin story, one about a true superhero ."
-Nothing But Comics