Annie Goetzinger

August 18, 1951 -  December 20, 2017
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The Provocative COLETTE
The Provocative COLETTE
Annie Goetzinger & Rodolphe
Movie "Colette" coming in September starring Keira Knightley! Many biographies describe this uncommon woman and author. It is her years of formation which are focused on here, from her marriage at the age of 20, until her divorce. "One dies only from the first man," she wrote in 1909. But this death was a new beginning, and the one that signed "Colette" from 1910 on gradually opened her eyes to her condition of a woman who was an exploited writer and a betrayed wife, and who will emancipate herself by writing, and with what talent! Incredibly complex, powerfully determined, truly gifted, Colette challenged herself to reinvent her life and assert herself as a free woman. In her day, her behavior scandalized and vexed the establishment. But in the end, she helped to free women in their thinking and became member and then president of France's prestigious Académie Goncourt, among many other honors as one of France's preeminent authors. For mature readers.
"One of 3 best biography comics of 2018. A glorious, lovingly rendered, well-deserved celebration of one of the past century's most outstanding literary figures."
-Print Magazine
"A provocative book about a wonderfully scandalous, but still very admirable and captivating woman. 8/10." -Sequential Tart
"A mature conclusion to Annie Goetzinger's career. It seemed to be exactly the kind of book she wanted to draw and is about exactly the type of woman she wanted to be able to talk about." (Comics Journal)
"Goetzinger's shines in precise, realistic, sensually drawn figures and a lush palette, fitting her Belle Epoque setting." -Booklist
"Goetzinger leaves behind a truly elegant, feminist oeuvre." -France Amerique
"Beguiling. Here as in 2013's feather-light Girl in Dior, Goetzinger draws lovely things and lovely people with elegant facility. She utterly rejects the ironic distortions and self-conscious artificiality that characterize many contemporary comics. Goetzinger's sentimentality would probably win her subject's approval."
-Etelka Lehoczky, NPR
"This thrilling and tender look at storytelling and romance at the turn of the century proves a fitting finale to a distinguished cartoonist's career." -Publishers Weekly
7 ¾ x 10 ¼", 128pp.., full color quarter-bound HC, $24.99
e-books: $9.99, ISBN 9781681121703

Major motion picture 'Colette' starring Keira Knightley
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Annie Goetzinger & Rodolphe
During the 1930s, Maud, an artist, discovers she has a psychic gift. The first signs manifest themselves in the royal gardens of the Trianon where gradually she understands that a woman from the beyond is attempting to communicate with her. The revelation is beyond belief: it is the ghost of Marie Antoinette appearing to her to share a terrible secret that has tormented her for centuries. After being guillotined, the Queen is said to have been thrown into a common grave but then exhumed and buried with her husband, Louis XVI, in the Saint-Denis basilica. Yet the ghost tells Maud that her remains are still in the pit, on which a chapel stands today. The queen asks Maud to move her body to the right place so she can finally find peace and no longer haunt people.
Part fantastic ghost story, part biography, this is a delicious beautifully illustrated look into French revolutionary history by the artist of the bestselling 'Girl in Dior.'
Nominated for the YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens Award
See Goetzinger's interview on this book at Comics Beat
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"Highly recommended"
-Portland Book Review
"Sumptuous, sensual, and simply stunning, Goetzinger's latest historical opus showcases not only her talent as a set and costume designer but her ability use those skills to choreograph and craft thoroughly entertaining graphic narratives with unparalleled style and grace."
-Broken Frontier
"An utterly beguiling and entrancingly sophisticated, classically constructed ghost story with clever plot twists, genteel suspense and even a vile villain. A superb step back into a lost world of elegant mystery and imagination: one no fantasy lover or mature comics reader should miss."
-Now Read This
"A sprightly tale told with lavish scenes and witty dialogue"
-Richard Pachter, Miami Herald
"Goetzinger is in fine form showcasing the fashions and interiors of eighteenth century Versailles and 1930s Paris, full of characters drawn in her inimitable, elegantly modeled style. Marie Antoinette: Phantom Queen combines history, biography, and fantasy for a rich, quick read."
Booklist starred review
"Radiant art."
-Publishers Weekly
8 ½ x 11, 68 pages, full color hardcover, $18.99, NOW $4.99
ISBN 9781681120294

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Girl In Dior

Annie Goetzinger
The Girl in Dior is Clara, a freshly hired chronicler, fan of fashion and our guide in the busy corridors of the brand new house of Christian Dior. It’s February 12, 1947 and the crème de la crème of Paris Haute Couture is flocking to the momentous event of Dior’s first show. In a flurry of corolla shaped skirts, the parade of models file down the runway. The audience is mesmerized: it’s a triumph! Carmel Snow of Harper’s Bazaar cries out: “It's quite a revolution, your dresses have such a new look!“ Dior’s career is launched and Clara’s story begins. Soon, she is picked by Dior himself to be his model…
A biography docudrama marrying fiction and the story of one of the greatest couturier in history, it is also a breathless and stunning presentation of his best designs such as Lauren Bacall wore, rendered by bestselling artist Annie Goetzinger, seen for the first time on this side of the Atlantic.
Featured in MARIE-CLAIRE
"Goetzinger's illustrations are clean and crisp, just like Dior's dresses, and her use of color, such as when a new collection is introduced and needs to be shown as both bold and understated, is masterly. And there's a lot of tension in the story. After the war, Dior and his clients may have been wealthy, but most French people were still living hand to mouth. In an early scene, Clara is staging a photo shoot at a farmers' market. When one of the models casually bites into an apple, the poor vendors go nuts because food is still being rationed."
"A great tale of haute couture and whimsy."
-For the Love of Frock
"Rendered in beautiful detail."
Vogue UK
"The artwork is flat-out gorgeous. Writer/artist Annie Goetzinger is one of France’s best-known names, and it’s obvious why. Her art here is skilled and spare, focusing the eye exactly where needed with nary an extra line or cross-hatch. This elegant, airy look is abetted by a color palette almost entirely in pastels. While fashion isn’t to everyone’s taste, “Girl in Dior” can be."
-Andrew ‘Capt. Comics’ Smith, Tribune News Service
"Lush in its depictions and wittily captioned, the book acts as a dreamy portal into the height of couture."
-W magazine, see their full account of Goetzinger’s exchange with Dior illustrator Bill Donovan.
"A hymn to beauty, and - through Clara's personal story - to optimism and endurance."
-Anna Battista- Irenebrination
"A whimsical tale."
ELLE, featured in April Fashion News page
"Like the women within its pages, this is a book with both beauty and substance."
-Brigid Alverson, Comic Book Resources, Robot 6
"Before becoming a cartoonist, Goetzinger studied art and fashion illustration in the late 1960s – and it shows. In sweeping tableaux and panels, she deftly captures the movement and drape of fabric with a line that’s a more sensual take on the traditional Franco-Belgian comics style of her contemporaries." -Toronto Globe & Mail
"An obvious pick for those who appreciate graphic novels featuring female leads."
A Graphic Novel Reporter Pick for Winter 2015
"Goetzinger’s art and narrative cleverly weave a biography, delivered by a narrator whose naiveté rivals our own at the start of this book. Lovingly illustrated --- and even more lovingly constructed --- the narrative expresses the importance of Christian Dior and why he deserves to be well-remembered. Having only read this book, I can say I have a much greater respect for Dior, his brand, his art, and his unflinching genius."
-Graphic Novel Reporter
A Publishers Weekly Top Ten GNs for Spring
“Oh the dresses. The beautiful, stylish, inspired dresses. Goetzinger’s background in fashion is apparent not only in the flowing lines of the countless outfits and the way they gloriously capture the light, but in the layouts, backgrounds, and characters of the entire comic.”
-Publishers Weekly
“Wonderfully engaging! For someone who never gave a comic book a second glance, this little treasure has made me rethink the value of this type of reading material. Somehow this petite volume made this prophetic decade come alive in ways that no other book on the topic has been able to do before—and that includes the photo centric coffee table books!”
-Jeffrey Felner, fashion historian, NY Journal of Books
“This title is like a perfect Dior creation: stunningly designed, lavishly beautiful, effortlessly elegant. Fashionistas and fashionistos of all ages will devour this book hungrily.”
-School Library Journal

“A portrait full of lightness and class, capable of charming even men, so you can imagine how women will love this.” -Le Figaro
“Great gift idea” -Elle
“A beautiful work, chic, brilliant and moving” -Questions de Femmes
“Sumptuous” -Le Nouvel Observateur
A YALSA Great Graphic Novel for Teens 2016
8 1/2x 11, 128pp., full color quarterbound, foil stamped and embossed cover, $29.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-914-4
Sold out, may go back to press

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One of the Grandes Dames of comics in France, Goetzinger has had a distinguished and award winning career not only in comics but also in theater costume design and illustration, most notably for the newspaper Le Monde.

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