What they said of his previous books:
"A certain magic is demonstrated when an artist, unfettered by perceptions of comics being for kids,
uses the full paint box of tools available to him." -Publishers Weekly starred review
"A Best Graphic Novel of 2012. Achingly beautiful and poetic… a mesmerizing
book and a truly powerful one at that." -John Hogan, Graphic Novel Reporter



After his Eisner and Harvey Nominated Bubbles & Gondola and Abelard

This November, NBM’s ComicsLit brings to bookstores the next moving anthropomorphic story by Renaud Dillies, whose Bubbles & Gondola and Abelard have garnered lavish praise and Eisner and Harvey Award nominations.

This time, it’s one of his earlier works, dating back from over a decade ago, Betty Blues. Little Rice Duck is all about his trumpet and riffing and swinging in jazz night clubs. Once he’s done playing, he can rejoin his beautiful girlfriend Betty.

But being an artist, a jazz musician, is a soul-wrenching affair and being all about his trumpet means Betty may not be getting all the attention she would like. A very enticing distraction presents itself to her
at an inebriated moment and before she knows it, she’s in the arms of a suave rich tycoon seeing in her yet another prize possession.

By the time each one realizes their mistake, is it too late?

Everyone of us has had actions, or lack of them, that we would so desperately want to undo and the poignant story Dillies tells here hits right at the heart of this reality of life.

This earlier first serious graphic novel of his shows an edgier, scratchier style that fits the ambience and marks Dillies as a remarkable storyteller whose work moves one deeply.

A few years ago, Renaud Dillies graduated the prestigious comic art school Saint Luc and promptly developed his chops at the leading kids’ comics magazine Spirou also doing best-selling spoof graphic novels on sports such as soccer or rugby for another publisher.

8 ½ x 11, 80pp., full color hc, $18.99, ISBN 9781561637584, Publication: November 2013.
This will be simultaneously released on Comixology and everywhere e-books are sold, ISBN Epub (Apple): 9781561637591; pdf: 9781561637607; Kindle Fire: 9781561637614; Nook: 9781561638925 $9.99

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