Christophe Blain

ISAAC THE PIRATE, Vol.1: To Exotic Lands
Christophe Blain
Isaac is a talented artist with no money but with a wonderful lover back in the 18th century. He runs into a rich Captain who is taken by his abilities and hires him with a handsome stipend to come along in his voyages. It turns out he's a pirate. Isaac went to make some quick money and come back and marry the love of his life but has embarked upon a series of at turns hilarious and dark adventures on the high seas from the Caribbean to the icy North, with apparently no end in sight. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is getting attention from another... As for The Speed Abater, this shows Blain as a master story-teller of human emotion as well as suspenseful adventure. Winner of the top prize in France for Best Album.
"Christophe Blain is one of those supercreators in France. Blain has a real expressive style of art with which to tell his stories." -IComics
"Another triumph for the creator of The Speed Abater" 
-Ray Olson, Booklist
"Keeping readers off balance, Blain's mix of naturalism and cartoonyness creates a story of surprising depth." -Publishers Weekly
"Eagerly awaiting Vol.2." -Andrew Smith, "Capt. Comics" Scripps-Howard papers
"Blain skillfully deploys the resources of his medium to give life to his cartoony characters and emotional impact to their escapades." -R.C. Harvey
"The striking emotions and real-life consequences of her story balance the action of the naval scenes and bring a surprising level of depth and complexity to the work." 
-School Library Journal
"The dialogue is razor sharp, and the story line moves like the stormy seas and sword fighting contained within." -VOYA
Blain's art is instantly likable, his writing is smart, lyrical and often hilarious." 
65/8x9, 96pp., full color trade pb.: $14.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-366-1
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ISAAC THE PIRATE, Vol. 2: The Capital
Christophe Blain

The critically acclaimed series continues as Isaac finally gets off the boat but is altered forever from his intense experience at sea. After a dicey life of women and drink on tropical isles fueled by robbery and deft pickpocketing, he itches to be back home and find his love of so many years ago, Alice. While he reunites with his now much older father, Alice, and a 'clean' life, remain elusive...
"Blain's drawing appears cartoony at first, but on closer examination shows a deep portrayal of human emotion."
-Publishers Weekly
"Genuinely picaresque chronicle of a young man's adventures among thieves, thugs, and reprobates. Blain's caricatural, chiaroscuro drawing style complements the story perfectly." 
65/8x9, 96pp., full color trade pb., $14.95 NOW $2.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-418-7
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Christophe Blain

Introducing another of the latest new generation of European artists like Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar or David B. Blain is the latest recipient of the best Album award at Angouleme and he is quickly rising to great fame. On the Bellicose, a destroyer in search of an enemy submarine during wartime, three novice sailors descend into the engine room to escape seasickness. After hours of peregrinations into the steaming bowels of the monstrous boat, they find themselves in front of the huge speed abater machine. Catastrophe follows and from then on, the men live in hell... A deeply human and highly unusual suspenseful tale by an exciting new talent.
"Impressive! Marries Daumier and Munch." -Booklist
"Like Joseph Heller and Kurt Vonnegut, Blain uses the irrationality of war to explore the fragility of life and society. An intriguing tale with plenty of humor and insight."
-School Library Journal
Grade: 4.5/5. "Feels like a sprawling epic, and its generous attention to detail and terrific linework and use of colour make it a pleasure to immerse one's self in." -Comic Book Galaxy
"Grade: A. Brilliant in its simplicity!" -Comics Buyers Guide
Rated: 4Q "Better than most." -VOYA
"The art is fascinating: spare, expressive without being too worked over, and intensely colored to indicate locations and moods. Blain skillfully captures Bellicose's sheer hugeness."
-Publishers Weekly
9x12, 80pp., full color trade pb., $13.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-349-4

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