After Margreet der Heer’s successful volume NBM published last year presenting the toughest of subjects, Philosophy, in an easy to understand compelling way, and which went quickly back to press, here’s her next such foray, this time into the broad subject of Science.

Of course, more pages are taken to make such a grand tour, but, along with her husband Yiri, she once again hosts this presentation ‘in person’ in a light delightful way, using history as the best way to understand each branch of Science.

So, roughly in order of emergence, we are presented with Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Geology, and Quantum Theory. Again, Margreet and Yiri are not experts but sponges. They plunged with a layman’s enthusiasm into all matters scientific, history, theory and practice, digested it and then lay out all these in ways easy and fun for us to understand in the form of simple and charming comics.

The result is a book which can be fun starting even from Junior High all the way to adulthood and for those among us who’ve forgotten what we learned and are looking to refresh our knowledge. Or it can be a quick reference on the main elements of Science to have on one’s shelf (or device). The Table of Contents on pages 4 and 5 provide an organization of the presentation. There is also an index at the back to zero in on specific scientists, scientific subjects, or theories.

Margreet lives in Holland, speaks excellent English and is available for interviews. She has also been on NBM’s blog about this book and her Philosophy volume in equally entertaining fashion (, as well as with Facebook and GoodReads pages.

She and Yiri will be coming over to the US to launch this book in September with a tour. Starting with an appearance at SPX (Small Press Expo, a leading indie comics event in Bethesda on the 14th and 15th), they will come up the coast for appearances in New York City (including tentatively Bergen St. Comics) and Boston (tentatively Million Year Picnic).

8x8, 192pp., full color hardcover, $19.99, ISBN 9781561637508; publication: September 2013
For further information, contact Stefan Blitz:
e-book ISBNs ($9.99): ePub (Apple, etc…) 9781561637515; Kindle: 9781561637539; pdf: 9781561637522; Nook: 9781561638093. Also available on Comixology.