Ernie Colon
Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum
Tales of Mystery, Horror, & Suspense
Ernie Colon
A revered veteran of comics brings to comics life one of the most fondly remembered mystery and horror radio shows in history. In striking black & white as only Colon is well known for, we are swept into 4 chilling mysteries including:
The Horla
A man is haunted by a mysterious, grotesque being only he can see... It seeks to enslave him, but in the end reveals its true intent--to destroy him.
 Death of a Doll
An unidentified corpse in the morgue intrigues a reporter, who sets out to identify her and how she died.
He carries with him the doll that belonged to her. It cries out "Kara Nana", instead of mama.
Kara Nana, the reporter discovers, is the name of the Devil.
The Undead
A young woman, married to an actor, discovers an obituary in a drawer. The notice is ten years old and reports that Richard Barker, her living husband, died of a stroke! Terrified, she goes to his tomb only to find that it's empty.
Alive in the Grave
Seeing a man collapse in an alley, our hero rushes to help only to find that the man is dead. Jobless and desperate, he takes the man's wallet, containing fifty pounds. At home, after giving his ecstatic wife the money, and covering his act with a lie, he goes through the wallet's contents. He finds a card that informs the reader that he is suffering from a cataleptic condition--and that he is not dead!
He rushes back only to find that the man has been removed and buried...perhaps alive.
"In his grim, greytone world, when the scares are revealed, we can’t help but pause in awe at the skill and invention that capture the very heart of horror."
-Scream Magazine
"****! Perfectly bridges the gap between graphic novels and old time radio. This treasure trove of stories is one of Colon’s best works yet."
-Comics Buyer’s Guide
"Veteran editor and artist Colòn conducts a virtual art clinic here, showing his deep mastery of composition, design, figure drawing, expression, use of blacks and more in this collection of hoary guilty pleasures and cheap thrills. Throughout, his art is in service to the storytelling, creating clear narratives with tension and emotion. It’s nothing more (or less) than solid entertainment."
-Richard Pachter, Miami Herald
"The energy Colón infuses into them makes them constitute something more enjoyable than a pop-cultural trip down memory lane." -Booklist
"Colón maintains the period settings and character interactions, while showing how ominous shading, gestures caught in frozen moments, staring yet lifeless eyes, and the confusion between reality and nightmarish deformity convert the tales from ear to page. Colón succeeds in respecting the original tales, his readers, and the joy of getting slightly creeped out."
-School Library Journal
"[Colon] can scare the pants off you. I highly recommend "Inner Sanctum," which ought to come with a reinforced belt."-Andrew Smith,Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Colón’s art is a pleasure throughout." -Bookgasm
"This book is a hell of a lot of fun, an anthology of wonderfully drawn short tales, all of which amuse and delight and feature terrific artwork. And Ernie Colón’s storytelling chops are still a glory to behold." -Comics Bulletin
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6x9, 112pp, B&W jacketed hardcover, $16.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-614-3

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