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ATTITUDE featuring: Andy SINGER
After the very successful collections presenting dozens of alt. cartoonists with a bite, Attitude starts a new series collecting the best cartoons from amongst them! First one up: political cartoonist Andy Singer and his syndicated panel "No Exit" filled with mordant satire.
"I like Singer's honest straightforward style. My favorites addressed issues larger than any simple right/left divide: isolation, aging, advertising, progress, and even the lure of garage sales. Three out of five Tonys." -Tony Isabella
"What I really enjoyed during my time in Berserkeley was reading Andy Singer's "No Exit". Singer's work has always pointed out the innate absurdities in everyday American life."
-Scott Thill,
7x8, 128pp., B&W, $10.95, 978-1-56163-408-8 SALE $3

NBM publishing 160 Broadway, Suite 700, East Wing New York, NY 10038 Tel: 1-800-886-1223

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