Shea Anton Pensa

"One cast member is a ghost (who doesn't know he's dead), the lead character's personal demons become physically actualized, and Death hangs out at the local club. All of these elements are in service to the story, though, and that story is pretty entertaining."
Andrew Smith-Scripps Howard Papers

Afterlife in GOTHLAND #5
Shea Anton Pensa
After his battle with Tweaky's demons, Maddox goes from being a Haunted Soul to a Soul-That-Haunts! But leaving the World of the Flesh is nothing more than a transition, with even stranger challenges to face, as our Grumpy-Goth-Extraordinaire learns soon enough... With the "help" of some "kindly" spirits on the Other Side!
B&W comic book, $2.95


Shea Anton Pensa

For Maddox, it's the worst club-night in history as he makes a brutal choice: to "save" Tweaky the same way that Lugh "saved" him. Though using pagan magic to rip-out Tweaky's Demons gives McClarran more than he bargained for: the gigantic, physical personifications of Depression and Addiction! And boy, are they ever PISSED. Desperate to win the day against these unstoppable foes, Maddox bites the bullet and does something crazy... He cuts a deal with all the imps in the club to have them join him against the Demons. But this last stand will be more costly than he can imagine, and leave one of the Fearsome Foursome of Gothland six-feet under...
comic book, $2.95

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