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Nominated for Two Eisners
Shocking! Disgusting! Meet the most dangerous twin girls in the universe! Their record of wrong doings, on purpose or not, will raise your hair on end. A darkly subversive collection of cynical comics gags that is sweeping Europe. Nothing is sacred for these two lil’ monsters! South Park meets Monty Python.
"The jokes are, for the most part, snarky, sarcastic, and clever…The plotline involving the mother falling in love with the recycling bin, for example, was a bit too out there… Kinky and Cosy are smart, cute, and a bit disturbing all at the same time." – No Flying No Tights
"Here are the female descendants of Wilhelm Busch’s Max and Moritz. Like Busch’s awful boys, it’s impossible not to cheer these two through all their silliness and well-deserved comeuppances." -Booklist
"A fashionable mix of cynicism, absurdity, and the surreal. Its digs at the silliness and the horror of modern life are well taken." -Library Journal
"Part South Park, part Flight of the Concords, surreal, darkly funny strips. The book is beautifully designed, with a foil cover that also includes cutouts to make room for the "googly eyes” of the girls." -Publishers Weekly
"The strip is being compared to the "Katzenjammer Kids on speed," which is fair enough, particularly in a strip which ends on the image of our trickster girls rolling on the ground. I also detect elements of the manga/anime series Shin Chan, particularly in the strip's (mis)treatment of our heroines' parents." -Blogcritics
"Nix's little rascals are bad kids in the Bart Simpson/Calvin/Shinchan mode, but the humor is more fearless." -Comic Book Resources, Robot 6
-Manga Maniac Café.
81/2 x 6, 96pp., full color hardcover; $15.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-604-4

Author Nix is posting strips on the blog!

  NBM Publishing 160 Broadway, Ste. 700, East Wing
New York, NY 10038
Tel: 1-800-886-1223
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