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Forever Nuts presents:
Frederick Burr Opper
Opper was already a quite successful cartoonist/illustrator for the prestigious Puck magazine when William Randolph Hearst lured him out to create a comic strip for the New York Journal. While a step down from (relatively) high to low brow, Opper jumped at the chance and out came “Happy Hooligan” an un-heroized vagrant who ends up very badly at the end of each strip, no matter how much good he might mean. His perennial demise surely went on to inspire Wile E. Coyote or Mr. O, especially as his own cowardice and unworthiness contributes to his hilarious woes. This second entry in ‘Forever Nuts’, a series in a handsome design showcasing early strips so ingeniously nutty they’re forever fresh and off the wall, presents here a collection of the better early full color Sundays.
"This volume is a “best of” from 1903-1913 and is a must for any fan of humor comics." -Comic Book Resources
"Every fan of gag cartooning in particular needs to read HAPPY HOOLIGAN."
"Opper’s strip was the first to deploy all of the medium’s basic ingredients from its very birth. " -RC Harvey
"Happy Hooligan" was one of the most successful comic strips in the golden age of that medium, starring a happy-go-lucky bumbler with a tin can for a hat. Frederick Burr Opper, dubbed “the Dean of Cartoonists," formalized the visual “language” of comic strips, abandoning text blocks completely for word balloons, and throwing his stories into ever-faster forward motion. Which makes the “Forever Nuts Vol. 2: Happy Hooligan” collection required reading for anyone who takes comic strips as seriously as they deserve — and likes to laugh, too."
-Andrew Smith, Scripps News
"Forever Nuts returns with a well-chosen anthology of Frederick Burr Opper’s early-20th-century newspaper comic Happy Hooligan.The joy of the strip is in the way Opper sets up his dominoes before knocking them down. Opper delighted in filling the frame with as many figures and objects as he could, and then figuring out how to put them all to good use… B+”
-The Onion
"You’re more likely to be distracted, anyway, by a remarkable skill Opper has in comic storytelling. Often, there are two things going on at the same time, and by the end of a mere six panels, they converge. At a time when comic strips were in their infancy, that’s a remarkable talent."
-Rod Lott,
11x8 , 112pp. full color, clothbound, $24.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-542-9
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