One of the best-selling collections of fantasy art by Royo is back in print sprinkled with all-new work. Royo scintillates again in a handsome library-worthy edition.
"Hauntingly beautiful. The poetry and power of the images depicted are timeless in their quality and the dark subject matter resonates in this age of Twilight."
-Grasping for the Wind
”You can’t ask for a more beautifully produced collection of fantasy art." -Comic Book Resources
“A very beautiful book, both in format and content. Royo is an absolute master of his craft, creating incredibly gorgeous and expressive women (and sometimes men), and switching easily from fantasy to sci-fi to horror.”
-Andrew "Catp. Comics" Smith, Scripps News Service
“His art speaks volumes without a single letter. He works predominantly with acrylic and oil on paper and the work is moving and imaginative. There’s an undercurrent of sensuality in his compositions regardless of setting or impending doom."
-Comic Mix and IMDb
81/2x101/2, 96pp., full color jacketed hardcover: $32.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-572-6
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Luis Royo

The latest collection of exciting new fantasy pieces specially painted for this book by the best-selling artist.
"4 Tonies out of 5! As I looked at Royo's paintings, entire stories burst into my thoughts."
-Tony Isabella, Comics Buyers Guide
9x12, 80pp., full color trade pb., $19.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-355-5


An artist admirer of a master is fascinated by his increasingly dark visions and seeks to meet him. The trip becomes a voyage into the depth of dreams and nightmares…
In an exciting new hardcover format and featuring almost all-new work!
"Royo has created a gallery of gothically glamorous Suicide Girls."
"For me, I find the faces of the women fascinating--they're not jaded or harsh and you wonder how they came to be where they are." -SFRevu
"Personally, I can get lost in much of Royo's work. This volume amply demonstrates why."
-Marc Mason, comicswaitingroom.com
81/2x101/2, 64pp., full color jacketed hardcover: $24.95,
ISBN 1-56163-484-0

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Signed limited edition
Clothbound with a special signed tip-in, limited to 200 copies: $60.
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Here is the best of the best. Best-selling fantasy artist Luis Royo compiles and presents in this handsome thick clothbound book 240 pages of his best work over the years. Includes a fold-out poster.
"One of the TEN ESSENTIAL BOOKS OF 2004. A stunning treasury. I can think of no higher praise than to tell you that as I paged through this book, I continually kept saying to myself how good this or that painting would look on a particular wall in my house. Grade: A+"
-Marc Mason, Moviepoopshoot.com
"If you're a male fan of hetero-erotic fantasy art, a young lady of the Sapphic-fantastic persuasion, or if you just like looking at incredibly well-drawn pictures of half-naked ladies, and you don't already own a fair selection of Royo's books to-date, then this is the perfect volume for you." -The Alien Online
"This sumptuous showcase allows Royo's work to really shine."
9x12, 240pp., full color, clothbound, jacketed, with poster, $59.95, ISBN 1056163-398-4.

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Luis Royo
New Cover!
Another artbook collection of stupendous scintillating scenes of women and beasts and machines with a theme of approaching the new millenium.
9x12, 80pp., full color trade pb: $19.95
ISBN 1-56163-204-X
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A new collection of beautifully painted fantasy pieces by the master Spanish artist often seen on the front cover of Heavy Metal and on leading fantasy paperbacks. In turn sensuous, frightening and mysterious, Royo's luminescent pieces sparkle in this luxuriously presented full color trade paperback.
9x12, 80pp., full color trade pb.: $19.95
ISBN 1-56163-162-0
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See Royo's own site with news of his latest, posters,
cards and original art for sale! (In English)

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