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A corporate raider gets hooked on a potent popper and ends up on a rollercoaster where even we are no longer sure what is real in his life. His wife dead -murdered?- he wonders if he's not next and something very frightening is haunting him and his friend in a secluded hideaway. Arresting art and a gripping thriller.
Formerly from Shattered Frames, now exclusively from NBM.
"In a surprise twist ending, this realistic horror story will satisfy many types of readers. The story is moody and tense throughout."
-Voice of Youth Advocates
"An interesting and compelling story" -VOYA
"Most graphic horror stories are heavy on graphic and low on horror. ANGEL FIRE is one of the only comics to ever truly give me the willies. Another lightning bolt out of nowhere that turns out to be a real winning result."
-Marc Mason, Movie
"Sporting an O. Henry-cum-Ambrose Bierce ending." -Booklist
73/4x111/2, 112pp., full color trade pb., $17.95, SALE $3
ISBN 095499440X
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NBM publishing 160 Broadway, Suite 700, East Wing New York, NY 10038 Tel: 1-800-886-1223

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