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  David Aaron Clark  and David Rankin

Vol. 2: Cold Religion
David Aaron Clark • David Rankin
Tattoo artist John Savory witnesses the rise in power of a silent underground of vampires in the leading edge art neighborhoods of New York City. But who is he really? After Miran Kim, presenting the stunning photo collage art of David Rankin to continue this trilogy. The cover has already been nominated for the Spectrum Awards.
For mature readers.
"The artistic presentation is simply stunning. It is fresh and creative, and unlike anything else I am seeing in comics today."
"Clark's dialogue and plotting call to mind the best of the Hellblazer storylines, while Rankin's stained-glass art summons up comparisons to that of Sue Coe, David Mack, and Dave McKean."
9x12, 48pp., full color trade pb.: $10.95, SALE $3
ISBN 1-56163-406-9
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