Chris Rowley • Justin Norman

Chris Rowley • Justin Norman

The action-packed suspenseful near-future SF story wraps up its first arc in this issue! Software giant Cube’s CEO believes he can harness the unleashed cyber-demon created by the accidental junction of two frightfully powerful software. But Blue Note, the former Cube software developer on the run, together with the freeware underground, is in a race to foil the megalomaniacal CEO and contain the virtual all-too-powerful being! Chillingly realistic SF!
comic book, 24pp., B&W, $2.95


Chris Rowley & Justin Norman
All-powerful software giant Cube’s CEO Maxwell begins to see the incredible power behind what has been unleashed. With their new self-learning software platform coupled with the software that runs a cryocript of leading personalities, the marriage has created a virtual sentient being that can run amok throughout the internet! The temptation proves too great for Maxwell and it is this very greed that moves ID, the software designer involved in its development whose memory’s been wiped, to race against all odds at neutralizing what has been wrought! He has one powerful ally: curiously, the virtual being itself is contradicted in its own aims... Fascinating action SF!
Bimonthly comic book mini series of 4, B&W, $2.95

Chris Rowley & Justin Norman
ID, the software designer and security engineer who got his memory wiped, is on the run from Cube goons who need him dead along with underground freeware rebel and hacker Turner with the help of female cyborg warrior Devorah who seems to pop up miraculously when needed. The new Cube system software Cronus looks to have become a force on its own by marrying itself with a cryogenic software that has imbibed the personalities of prominent leaders resulting in split personalities facing each other off in cyberspace! Cube CEO Maxwell himself has no idea what he’s up against until it’s too late! Only ID can stop Cube from dangerously overstepping its all-too-awesome power by retrieving the renegade program one way or another. Action with a brain!
Bimonthly comic book, 24pp., B&W, $2.95.


Chris Rowley & Justin Norman
Jump ahead 20-30 years. The Cube has virtually complete control over all software in the world. The internet pervades all aspects of life, from running electricity to running your toaster. CEO Maxwell Minsky has a new incredibly powerful platform about to be launched that can grow organically with your needs but that will know absolutely everything about you. But then, there’s Turner, part of an underground of hackers who still believe in freeware and then there’s ID, or at least that’s the only name he can remember as his memory has been wiped out. As Turner and his group help him regain some of his memory, he realizes he was prominent at the Cube and what he was designing was incredibly dangerous. Even more dangerous than Maxwell ever imagined. Already, random acts of sudden destruction are being recorded worldwide. Yet, strangely, someone keeps sending a female cyborg to ID’s rescue...
A fascinating world that could very well be our own. A breathless story that ratches up the volume with each issue.
See where our future may lie. See if anything can be done to prevent it!
Bi-monthly 4 issue mini-series, B&W, color cover, $2.95

"Cyberpunk done right!"- Comic Shop News


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