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  Phil Yeh


Phil Yeh
The 50 States of America presented one by one in comics by Phil Yeh’s famous Patrick Rabbit and his Dinosaur friends in full color. One of the most popular comic books (190,000 sold) from Cartoonists Across America, a literacy group using comics for decades to teach literacy to kids all over the US, is now a beautiful exciting educational graphic novel, a fun way to learn about America’s 50 States! Phil Yeh is the champion behind the group and well noted for his tireless tours and appearances at schools and libraries across the land, bringing literacy through comics.
-Library Media Connection
"One of 25 outstanding new graphic novels for kids"
-School Library Journal
"An excellent resource to get children interested in geography. Recommended." -Library Media Connection
"I've got a holiday cheat sheet to enable a surgical strike on the bookshelves. Yes, there are dinosaurs on the cover. But this graphic novel is really a geography lesson, as a band of dinos travels throughout the country, picking up snippets of history along the way."-Austin American-Statesman
"A winning formula. This is the cool way to learn geography"
-Santa Fe New Mexican
"Ideal for older elementary-school kids..." -The Onion
"Provides an entertaining way to learn information such as a state's nickname and its capital, a few other major cities, and landmarks clearly designated." -Kat Kan, Booklist
"Great book for kids interested in state capitals or geography in general. (Or even for kids who aren’t interested in that, but need to learn some of it.)"
"A terrific job with what turns out to be a snazzy little learning tool."
"DINOSAURS ACROSS AMERICA is the perfect place for children to begin to study geography.
Highly Recommended
Students need excellent nonfiction resources when studying all kinds of subjects, and DINOSAURS ACROSS AMERICA meets that need perfectly. Geared for elementary students, it is the go-to book when students begin to look at a place within the United States. It belongs on the classroom and school library shelf." -The Graphic Classroom
8x11, 32pp, full color sewn hardcover, $12.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-509-2

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