After putting comics on their head in the eighties with the punk, ultra-violent, almost porno, stunningly realistically painted series RANXEROX, the story of a cyborg and a young girl in a dystopian future, superlative Italian artist Tanino Liberatore is back with a pin-up book to smash all pin-up books.

No sweeties here with cutesy pouts and softsy curves. Just as for RanXerox, Liberatore brings a raunchy very hard look to his subjects and shies away from nothing, least of all shocking you and possibly even offending you. He’s a man known for testing the limits.

The result is absolutely arresting: a gallery of ‘Le Donne,’ women, as rarely seen before. Not only are they proud of their sexuality, they’re in your face about it. Aggressive. Self-empowered. Some of the images may even seem ugly, women in unsettling situations or with disturbing companions, women looking more like hardened athletes at times. You see the muscles, the bulging veins, sweaty and real.

But the sensuality is intense and undeniable. The love of women, in the so many media he uses, is fully apparent. And it is more of a respectful admiration, an awe of their power instead of their sweetness.

All spice, no sugar.

This book doesn’t speak, no elaborations from him. Just a silent powerful gallery arranged by general themes or art styles from stark heavy black & whites to softer aquarelles depicting flesh distorted by the hand of heated lust, to full paintings in the style of RanXerox with women of a fantasy world.

Again, Eurotica defies barriers and presents erotic art in a handsome package to keep in one’s library proudly, in opposition to the free world of internet-porno-garbage. Liberatore does get his inspiration from such muck, but, with a sly grin, raises it to the level of art.

For further information: Stefan Blitz,
9x12, 168pp., full color jacketed hardcover, $39.99, ISBN 9781561637133
Publication date: September ’12. Websites: please send a link to your review and include a link to our site.