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  Marcel Proust
A Booksense '76 pick! As chosen by the nation's independent bookstores.
“We’ve made it only through the first 150 pages of Proust’s masterpiece, although we’ve
gotten that far at least three times. If only we had waited for Stephane Heuet.”
-Malcolm Jones-Newsweek

"These clever editions are much more than comic Cliff Notes.
They are original and engaging in their own right."
San Francisco Chronicle

Marcel Proust,
adapted by Stephane Heuet
At last brought to the U.S., the best-selling comics adaptation of the great classic of French literature that scandalized the French establishment as reported on the front page of the New York Times! In clear line style a la Tintin.
"Heuet's version succeeds quite well as a beginner's guide to Proust."
-Kirkus Reviews
"For us literary bumbleheads, the sequential-art redo by Stephane Heuet certainly is appreciated."
-Washington Times
"Engaging." -Mike Sangiacomo, Newhouse papers
"Heuet has successfully produced a comics edition that will make Proust's work more accessible."
-Publishers Weekly

81/2 x11, 72 pp., full color jacketed hardcover: $19.95
ISBN 1-56163-278-3
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81/2 x11, 72 pp., full color paperback: $13.95, ISBN 1-56163-289-9
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Part Two: Within a Budding Grove, vol.1
Marcel Proust, adapted by Stephane Heuet
Proust, now a teenager, describes his first separation from his mother, a vacation taken in a high class beach resort in Normandy. Besides the fleeting visions of young girls, he also keenly observes, without acidity but detached amusement, the petty sophistry of the French upper class in its genteel environs, safely removed from the lower ones. “An important social question is to know whether the pane of glass will always protect the feast of the marvelous beasts and if the obscure people peering at them through the night will not come and pick them out of their aquarium and eat them.”
"Sumptuous and absorbing; the art is lovingly historical, and the whole thing has this comforting, buttery, 19th-century hue that you can almost taste and feel" -Washington Post
"Heuet's whimsical but controlled draftsmanship is a great match for Proust." -Whole Earth Magazine
“Recommended for adult collections that hold Proust’s original.”
-Library Journal
“Offers a wealth of period and aesthetic detail that will delight artists and readers.”
-School Library Journal
81/2x11, 48pp., full color jacketed hardcover: $16.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-320-3
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81/2x11, 48pp., full color trade pb.: $10.95, SALE $3
ISBN 978-1-56163-324-1

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Part Two: Within a Budding Grove, vol.2
Marcel PROUST • Stephane HEUET

In this conclusion to this section of Proust’s classic, we get to understand what he means by ‘budding grove.’ As the summer on the beach winds down, the adolescent Proust is increasingly smitten by the young beauties his age he passes by but never gets to meet... until a well-known painter gives him that very chance. The romantic anticipation, the teasing sensations, the fantasized expectations mixed with the summer sun, the sea breeze... some things never change.
"First covered by TIME.comix in 2001, when volume one appeared, you can see improvements even over that fine debut. Primarily Heuet has cut down on the prose and given us more to look at. His highly detailed costumes and backgrounds have the sumptuousness of a Merchant and Ivory movie." -Andrew Arnold,
"Stephane Heuet does an outstanding job of lending clarity of vision to a work that confounds the mighty. And if that’s not as successful an adaptation as comics has yet seen, then I stand waiting for the alternative." - Rob Vollmar-
Rated: 4Q Better than Most "A clear example of comic book as fine art." -VOYA
81/2 x 11, 48pp., full color jacketed hardcover: $16.95;
ISBN 978-1-56163-342-5
Sold out!

81/2x11, 48pp., full color, trade pb.: $10.95, ISBN 1-56163-348-7
Sold out!

Part Three: Swann in Love, Vol. 1
Marcel Proust, adapted by Stephane Heuet
The acclaimed adaptation continues. Swann is a frequent guest of the high society soirees at the end of the 19th century. When he first encounters Odette de Crecy, he feels no attraction to this frivolous and superficial young woman but time has it otherwise and soon, she becomes an obsession…
"Heuet's project continues as a successful venture. The narrative that unfolds is self-contained enough that readers new to the series will be able to embark on a tale with a compelling cast of characters and a satisfying beginning, middle and end within these covers."
-School Library Journal
"Just as delightful as its predecessors. I have to admit part of what impresses me is that Heuet is trying this at all. I can think of few novels that suggest themselves for comics adaptation less. Yet he pulls it off, adding texture to Proust's immortal prose."
-Andrew Smith, Scripps-Howard Papers
"Heuet manages to marry Proust's prose with incredibly detailed cartooning. This results in an admirably accessible edition of Proust's social satire."-Syracuse Post-Standard
"Gorgeous Classics Comics-style rendition."
-San Diego Union-Tribune
"Heuet's translation to sequential art retains the work's distinctive period feel and eye for detail. A useful primer." -Publishers Weekly
81/2x11, 48pp., full color jacketed hardcover, $16.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-513-9
Sold out!

Trade paperback: 81/2x11, 48pp., full color, $10.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-522-1
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