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  Seyeong O

The complete collection of outrageous gags (many seen in Heavy Metal years back) about the daily travails and absurdities we face in life with an occasional bite of lunacy, from the superlative author of "Streak of Chalk" and "Tangents", who is also the designer for the “Men In Black” animated series.
"Grade: A. Prado has made his gripes into an art form, polishing them into bitesize nuggets where the true irony and absurdity of these issues shine brightly." -Comics Buyer's Guide
"Brlliantly drawn and colored, Prado's work most nearly approximates sarcastic sketch humor, like American comedy-club or Saturday Night Live fare. But it is much angrier and much bitterer. Damn funny, though. -Booklist
"Delectable, Prado's penchant for the ironic absurdities of life gets ample display." -R.C. Harvey, Comics Buyers Guide
"Will have you laughing hysterically" -Greg McElhatton, IComics
81/2x 111/2, 192 pp., full color trade pb., $25.95, SALE $3
ISBN 978-1-56163-334-0
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Miguelanxo Prado
After his stunning "Streak of Chalk" album which received Harvey and Eisner nominations, Prado paints a number of fleeting relationships between people of power and ambition. The sex may be hot but the feelings are coldly subjected to careers and social climbing with poignant sometimes even dramatic results. Nudity, sexual situations. For mature audiences.
"Absolutely brilliant! Prado is a genius!!"
Staros Report
81/2x11, 48 pp., full color, clothbound: $16.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-148-3

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