Ninth Art Lighthouse Best of 2003 Awards
Runner up Best Bookshelf Comic 2004
Ninth Art Lighthouse Awards

Best new series, Roll of Honor: HOW LOATHSOME: "While many attempts have been made to encapsulate the feel of a subculture in visual media, few have been able to get it quite right. HOW LOATHSOME, by Ted Naifeh and Tristan Crane, is one of the ones that succeeds, and how. Naifeh's thick, inky black-and-white art illuminates (but only slightly) the darkly humourous tales of the cultural underworld. Dodgy drug deals, otherwordly gangsters and gender confusion mark out San Francisco's well-dressed lowlifes, and speak to the teenager in us all."

Ted Naifeh & Tristan Crane

The new series by the artist of Gloom Cookie and Courtney Crumrin! Do the town with gender outlaw Catherine Gore and her disreputable friends. It’s Friday night and Catherine is dragged to an S&M play party to see what passes for sex these days. There, the beautiful, enigmatic fem fatale Chloe takes Catherine by surprise. Chloe is a girl with a secret. Catherine is intrigued, and the two form a tight bond. But is it love, or desperate obsession? Part “Queer as Folk,” part “Trainspotting,” this deeply personal, sexually bizarre, drug-addled adventure is a gothic exploration of the not-so obvious nature of gender. Collects the 4 issue mini-series.
Advocate Magazine's top ten Graphic Novel of the Year
“A triumph!” -Greg McElhatton, IComics.com
“Thought provoking genius”
-Comic Word News
“...so refreshingly different and startlingly humane that it put other so-called “mature audiences” comics to shame.”
"It's a sensuous hall of mirrors where everything is gorgeous, a nightly sheen of glossy blacks and textured grays, until you peer closer. The book's vivid look and tone-flat wording drives the point home." -New York Press
"I was impressed by how well this book put me inside the heads of people I would otherwise never know. It raises fascinating questions of identity and belonging."
-Johanna Draper Carlson, ComicsWorthReading.com
"The writing is pitch-perfect in its combination of callow dissent and lost-soul sentimentality, and the black, white, and tan artwork is stylish in a David Bowie-ish way."
"4 Tonys out of 5. An engaging graphic novel. The culture shock of walking in Catherine's world would probably do me in, but, despite that distance between us, she was, in Crane's capable hands, someone whose woes and joys were of concern to me."
-Tony Isabella, Comics Buyer's Guide
"Its smart writing and stylish graphics move fluidly between grit and transcendence. Defying the conventions of "positive" gay literature for something much less correct and therefore more interesting, "How Loathsome" echoes the drug-influenced, hallucinatory work of William S. Burroughs. Both Burroughs and Crane and Naifeh give readers of any sexual variety the excitement of grungy, x-rated kicks while leaving them to ponder larger things like the nature of sexual attraction and self-identity."
-Andrew Arnold, Time.comix
"Brilliant! A beautiful, compelling graphic novel." -The Adovocate
7x10, 96pp., 2 colors, jacketed hardcover: $18.95, SALE $5
ISBN 1-56163-386-0


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