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The Louvre Collection:
Nicolas De Crecy

With this graphic novel, for the first time in the US, ComicsLit brings over the latest enfant terrible of European comics, a mad genius, and for the first time, The Louvre museum is involved in a co-edition of a series of graphic novels, each a vision of this great museum by a different artist.
De Crecy, at the sight of the incredible richness of the museum's collection was overwhelmed and felt small and ignorant. The result is a story set thousands of years hence in a glacial period where all human history has been forgotten and a small group of archeologists fall upon the Louvre, buried in age-old snow. They cannot begin to explain all the artifacts they see. What could they have meant? Their interpretations are nonsense, absurd, farcical.
"I enjoyed it, and recommend it to those who can laugh at their cultural selves." -AnotherUniverse/San Francisco Review
"Definitely a winner. Droll and deadpan, filled with dry wit that punctures the pomposity of art criticism."
-Andrew 'Capt Comics' Smith, Scripps Howard News Service
"De Crecy's storytelling is agile, witty, and peppered with surprising twists. Beautiful and muted watercolor panels."
-School Library Journal
"De Crecy is one of the brightest talents in French comics, not only because of the breadth of his whacked-out imagination and his penchant for absurd humour, but also for the detail of his beautifully coloured panels." -The Guardian
"Mischievous humor. A great find." -Library Journal
"A clever upending of the resilient myth that masterworks of art preserve the history and spirit of their era; the meaning of art, De Crecy suggests, belongs to the people who experience it."
-Washington Post
"***, humorous, insightful, and touching." -Comics Buyers Guide
"Beautifully painted book." -Book Page
"De Crecy is a gifted storyteller whose eye for body language and ear for a funny line never fails him. He deftly combines art history, science fiction and simple philosophizing in a short but very sweet tale." -Publishers Weekly
"De Crecy's art is breathtaking, he lives up to his reputation as a mad genius with this amusing work." -Booklist
"De Crecy's gorgeous artwork and twisted sense of humor carry the day. The Louvre's graphic novel series is off to a very strong start. I look forward to seeing what the next three volumes have to offer."
-Marc Mason, www.comicswaitingroom.com
8 ½ x11 , 80pp., full color hardcover, $22.99,
ISBN 9781561638550


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"Setting comics creators loose in the Louvre, and then letting a story come to them that is inspired by the works they come across. One of the premiere cultural institutions in the WORLD decided that it would be a great idea to create a "lasting bridge" between their artworks and the world of comics-and their readers. That's just huge."

Karen Green, Comixology. See the complete overview of this series: "4 Nights in the museum."

Salvatore vol.2
Salvatore, vol.2
"An Eventful Crossing"
Nicolas De Crecy
The next chapter of this highly acclaimed off-the-wall nominated for an Eisner series that never ceases to astonish and amuse! Salvatore the crack dog mechanic has now finished his rig and is off to all the way out somewhere in Latin America to his sweetheart pooch he has been pining for. His trip which he takes with his reluctant assistant, a minuscule human who communicates only through his PC, goes all the way through Russia and the Bering Straits, a route he characterizes as epic but is really designed to avoid the seas which Salvatore is deadly afraid of. On the way, there are many temptations such as the pretty cat Julie who, as it turns out, has adopted the missing piglet Amandine the Sow has been so desperately spending her last penny trying to find while, unbeknownst to her, the rest of her litter is busy in a lucrative endeavor of bio recycling.
"Things are constantly moving in this book, even if, like Salvatore discovers, all that movement wound up plopping him back at the beginning of the journey. De Crecy ensures the reader that the fruitlessness of Salvatore’s journey doesn’t extend to the entertainment value and sheer delight found in his cartooning." – High-Low
"Nicolas De Crecy’s romantic comedy tour de force continues with witty aplomb and tongue firmly planted in cheek. Reading Salvatore is like reading a Shakespearean comedy, with De Crecy’s pointed commentary on the human condition coming in the form of clever double entendres, slapstick pratfalls, and calculated exaggeration."
-Broken Frontier
"What I interpreted as inane, random dialogue in the first book has transformed into solid (and funny) characterization. I was wrong to dismiss this book as an artist’s self-indulgence, and hope now to correct my error. “Salvatore” is initially hard to embrace, because it is a story that refuses to conform to expectation and classification. But it’s that very quality that’s making it a unique and entertaining read for me now."
-Andrew "Capt. Comics" Smith
"The absurdities mount in this wry, whimsical tale. Highly recommended." -Midwest Book Review
"Nicolas De Crecy offers a delightful follow-up to his graphic novel about a lovelorn, fondue-loving dog." -Cleveland Plain Dealer
1/2 x 9, 112pp. full color trade pb, $14.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-613-6


SALVATORE Vol. 1: Transports of Love

Nominated for the Eisner Award
Vol. 1: Transports of Love
Nicolas De Crecy
The best-selling and acclaimed author of 'Glacial Period' in the Louvre collection returns with a new series starring a dog auto repair mechanic so in demand, he can afford to move his garage to a distant hard-to-reach peak for peace and... privacy. The privacy, as it turns out, is to build a mode of transportation that can get him through earth and seas to his beloved far, far away. As unpredictable and totally original as 'Glacial Period,' this is a Plymptonesque tale filled with absurd, irresistible bittersweet humor.
"A somewhat acquired taste, but, once you’ve acquired it, Salvatore is something of a feast."
-School Library Journal
"De Crecy's loose, organic illustrations breathe life into his characters and give energy to his panel movement. [His] dry, witty humor combined with his endearing creatures makes a singular and worthy addition to comprehensive graphic novel collections."
-Library Journal Starred review
"The best kind of grown-up fable. You will believe a pig can fly..."
-Bill Sherman, Blogcritics
"Delightful." -The Cleveland Plain Dealer
"I love this book! Near-perfect. I can think of nothing better than another late night filled with pigs in overalls and bulls wearing AC/DC T-shirts. As soon as I can pre-order Vol. 2, I'm on it."
-Whitney Matheson, USA Today 'Pop Candy'
"This fun, heartfelt and blithe book is a joy to read and one of the best and most imaginative books NBM has published in recent years." -Comics waiting room
"Charming, amusing, and sometimes unsettling tale. From De Crecy's always surprising mind. He is particularly gifted at creating a sense of action on the page." -Publishers Weekly
"The mix of comedy and drama is welcome and feels truer to life than books that are one or the other." -ComicMix
"Eccentric" -Booklist
61/2 x 9, 104pp, full color trade pb.: $14.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-593-1

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