After Flower & Fade and Joe & Azat and after a few years perfecting and slowly stewing this story, selling it chapter by chapter as mini comics in indie comics shows, Jesse Lonergan is back with his latest graphic novel from NBM’s ComicsLit: All Star.
As for his previous acclaimed novels, Lonergan very simply but increasingly effectively tells a story of a teen baseball star in a small town in Maine who is at the top of the world. His natural gift makes it easy for him. He makes it look effortless and indeed it is. That makes him cocky and feeling entitled. His best friend is not so lucky, he’s poor, living in a dysfunctional family. After a party where they get drunk, they pull a prank that goes over the top and are caught red-handed.
It’s bad enough he’s caught doing something quite wrong but compellingly what really gets him down and off his pedestal is how completely differently he and his buddy are treated over the matter. He gets a second chance, his buddy is done for life.
Now what came to him naturally, effortlessly, all becomes pressure he doesn’t want to handle.
Lonergan’s ending to this story is even more masterful and unexpected.
Quietly and very surely, Lonergan tells this story of human nature that we can all relate to. It’s real, there’s no sturm & drang. This could be you and me at any one time, or someone we knew. But when we close the book, we cannot but be reflectful and moved.
With each new graphic novel ComicsLit has published of his, Lonergan steps it up a notch. Of Flower & Fade they said:
“An incredible first effort." -Comics Buyer's Guide
“The wordless passages are often the most evocative, with the black-and-white artwork carrying the story with strong but minimal lines."- Library Journal
Of Joe & Azat:
“A simply illustrated charmer that grips readers from its opening pages and remains on the mind well after it has been read and absorbed.” -Publishers Weekly
"A warm, humorous comic, solidly crafted, and well worth picking up." -Newsarama

Jesse Lonergan lives outside of Boston and is available for interviews. Please be in touch with our publicist Stefan Blitz,

6x9”, 184pp, B&W trade pb., $13.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-835-2. Publication: April ’14.
It has been made available in chapters week by week since February on Comixology and will be available complete wherever e-books are sold.
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