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  Christian Durieux

In the Louvre Collection:
Christian Durieux
Those two, they never should have met.
In the night, in a long corridor pinned with ancient dreams, they make of this encounter a party.
Those two, they must have a gift.

The next remarkable graphic novel in the Louvre collection after Glacial Period, The Sky Over the Louvre and Rohan at the Louvre tells the tale of the retiring museum director on a fugue from his retirement dinner through the vast halls of the museum, eloping with a muse…
"Every one of the volumes to date in the Louvre series has been an art and comics lover's treat: An Enchanment does not prove an exception."
-Seattle Post Intelligencer
"Really resonated with me. The large hardcover format gives the work the feel of a picture book for adults, an evocation that echoes the fable-like story that the author labels "a graphic poem."
-Comics Worth Reading
"Stunning! Anyone who sees art as something more than a rectangular object on a wall will be, well, enchanted. Highly recommended for all print collections."
-Library Journal starred review
"A charmer akin to such films as Jacques Rivette’s Celine and Julie Go Boating, Eric Rohmer’s Rendezvous in Paris, and those of Durieux’s acknowledged master, Jean Cocteau."
"[A]sweet sense of mystery and magic. Beautiful lark of a story."
-Publishers Weekly
10 ½ x 11 ¼, 72pp, full color hardcover, $19.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-705-8


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