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  David B


Nineteen Dreams
David B
The best-selling author of “Epileptic” and one of Europe’s leading new generation comics artists invites us to experience nineteen explorative and most imaginative dreams he has experienced. Strange, scary, beautiful, funny and with a sense all their own, these are tales of the inner psyche.
“Teeming with animals, corrupt politicians, alluring women, his own malleable consciousness and other shape shifts, this scans like a dream.” -Carlo Wolff, Boston Globe
“The real strength of this graphic novel lies in the images. David B. has a distinct style that uses heavy black inks combined with grays and blues. His detailed drawings complement the text and carry it through each panel. The results are captivating. Followers of his work won’t be disappointed.” -School Library Journal
"Makes for a gorgeous, mysterious volume"
-Publishers Weekly
"Overall, the drawings create an anxious, voyeuristic intimacy, as if we are peering through a window unseen. "Nocturnal Conspiracies continues the emotional and artistic work of "Epileptic", stripping the art -and the artist- down to raw process."
-The Los Angeles Times
Andrew "Capt. Comics" Smith, Scripps-Howard News Service
"Aims to stretch the boundaries of cartooning"
Wall Street Journal
For Mature Readers
And here's another at Graphic Novel Reporter

6x9, 128pp, 2 colors, trade pb. with flaps: $14.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-541-2

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