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  Rob Vollmar & Pablo Callejo

Rob Vollmar & Pablo Callejo

The first graphic novel by the best-selling team of “Bluesman.” An emotionally powerful tale, drawn from the fabric of America itself, that follows the adventures of young Tucker Freeman as he is compelled to hop a train to escape from the crippling poverty of his rural existence. Armed with only fifteen cents and the memory of his occasional hobo father’s counsel, Tucker must find his place in this broken America of the Great Depression before the realities of being young, poor, and homeless consume him.
This new NBM/ComicsLit edition of THE CASTAWAYS features a six page conclusion/epilogue not featured in the original release as well as a new two-color look, and will stand as THE definitive edition of a book nominated for an Eisner in the Best Single Issue/One Shot category in 2002. An epic adventure recalling the works of Mark Twain, Jack London, and John Steinbeck.
"A beautiful hardcover. Fans of historical fiction, or classic novels by writers like Mark Twain and John Steinbeck, will find much to love in The Castaways, and graphic-novel buffs who like a little more depth in their comics will be extremely pleased." -School Library Journal
"Recommended" -Library Journal
"An attractive expanded and color-enhanced version. Vollmar's script, based on family reminiscenes, rings true. Callejo's art creates a solid setting in which Tucker's experience can reveal squalor or grace."
-Publishers Weekly
"Beautiful, powerful vision of a different era. Even readers reluctant to pick up a book about American history will be pulled into this adventure of deep longing and honor." -Booklist Starred Review
6x9, 64pp., 2 colors, clothbound jacketed, $17.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-492-7

Trade paperback: 6x9, 64pp., 2 colors trade pb., $11.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-493-4



Now collected into one stunning hardcover!
This story, structured like a traditional twelve bar blues song, with three sections each made of four chapters, follows blues musician Lem Taylor’s harrowing journey across Arkansas of the late twenties, hunted for a crime he didn’t commit.
"A moody masterpiece of fiction that is all the more compelling because every word of it could be true. [Uses] a broad visual palette that matches its dramatic variety of emotions."
-Teacher Librarian
"The stuff of legend blues" -Library Media Connection
"Takes you directly into the world of the traveling bluesmen of that era. The story is thoughtful and engaging, and the art work is amazing."
"In its knowing play of dark words and raw images, Rob Vollmar and Pablo Callejo's earthy graphic novel tells a tale worth hearing – and seeing. Bluesman, in the end, is a cathartic ghost story. Is there a better description of the blues?" -Laurel Maury, NPR
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6x9, 224pp., B&W jacketed hardcover, $24.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-532-0


This story, structured like a traditional twelve bar blues song, with three sections each made of four chapters, follows blues musician Lem Taylor’s harrowing journey across Arkansas of the late twenties, hunted for a crime he didn’t commit. In volume one, he and his blues companion find a gig in a ‘juke’ outside a small town. Their music takes it by storm leading even to a well connected man offering a recording session. However, that night, they accept the invitation of two ladies to go home with them, a fatal mistake, as one of the ladies’ lover, a white man who happens to belong to a powerful bootlegging family, shows up unexpectedly. The result is a triple murder with only Lem and his lady friend left standing. Formerly from Absence of Ink Comic Press, now exclusively from NBM.
7x10, 80pp., B&W, color cover, trade pb., $8.95, SALE $3
ISBN 978-0-9742468-3-3
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Reeling from the tragedy that engulfed him at the end of Book One, traveling bluesman musician Lem flees the scene of the crime even as he copes with his loss of his best friend and musician partner. Unfortunately for him, the powers-that-be aren't about to let the murder of a white bootlegger's son go without extracting a pound of flesh from someone. Can Lem escape before his pursuers discover his involvement? This thriller, set in the early days of the blues, follows the life of traveling musicians who would roam from one juke joint to another in the South.
"An example of the potential of the graphic-novel form, Bluesman combines spellbinding narrative with compelling imagery." -School Library Journal
"The gravity and depth of the graphics conjure that blend of naturalism and surrealism that distinguishes the art of Thomas Hart Benton. Taking cues from American masters like him and Rockwell Kent, Vollmar and Callejo turn mayhem into melody here."
-Boston Globe
"Combined with the undying cool of blues, this powerful storytelling yields an irresistible tale of life amidst poverty."
-Voice of Youth Advocates
"An exceptional evocation of a time and place where racism was
pervasive but music was beginning to transmute suffering into art."
-Library Journal
"Carefully, convincingly written by Vollmar and gorgeously drawn by Callejo. Altogether ravishing." -Booklist
"There's enough suspense and atmosphere here to make anyone grip their chair and feel transported. The plot is full of unexpected twists as well as kindness among the outcasts. Lem and Ironwood only have each other. And they make the most of it."
-Los Angeles Times

"Writer Rob Vollmar imagines a place rich in meaning and menace; Pablo G. Callejo's expressive B&W images give it vibrancy."
-Entertainment Weekly
"Meticulous, well-thought out stuff."
7x10, 80pp., B&W, color cover, trade pb., $8.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-456-9
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